Moving Day Essentials

Moving Day Essentials

Moving Day Essentials


We just moved in to our beautiful new home last week so you’re going to be seeing a lot of “new house” posts!! Moving can be super stressful if you’re not organized (not my strongest skill…) so these things were a life saver to have on hand right when we moved in!

I set them aside in a box marked Move-in Day Essentials and when we moved in we had everything we needed on hand! (oh wait… actually that box of course was no where to be found until midway through the move. BUT once we found it we had everything we needed!) ((My best moving advice to you is to just relax… life will return to normal soon.))


Moving Day Essentials


1. Contact paper. (Put this in your cupboards and under sinks to prevent water damage.)

2. Scissors

3. All sizes of tape

4. Toilet Paper (for each bathroom)

5. Hand Soap

6. Paper Towels

7. Rags

8. Disinfectant

9.  Pen

10. Sticky Notes (Easily jot down a list of things you need to do like transfer utilities into your name, etc.)

11. Foam pads for furniture

12. Food

13. Water bottles

Good luck with your move!!


6 thoughts on “Moving Day Essentials”

  1. This post was great timing, as my parents are moving into their first new home in 25 years, TODAY!!! I am super excited because they are moving from 150 miles away, to just a few minutes down the road. I will definitely pin this and share with my mom!

  2. We moved almost 4 weeks ago now, my moving day box essentials was some of the above, scissors, tape, pens, paper, kitchen roll, cleaning products. But most important of all, kettle, tea bags and mugs! (and phone charger)

  3. Such helpful tips! Thank you for sharing these wonderful Moving Day Essentials with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing.

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