10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy

10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy


10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy


My family just moved; hopefully for the last time ever! It was hard, exhausting, and labor-intensive. My bones still ache from all the long nights. Here are some things I learned that really made our move a LOT easier. And some tips based on the mistakes we made.


10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy

1- A few weeks before you get ready to move, start going through your closets and set things aside that you haven’t worn, used, or needed for the last year. This will help to cut down on the amount of crap you end up moving, and you will thank yourself when you start unpacking.


2- Take the things you haven’t used or needed to Goodwill or have a moving sale! We didn’t have much to sell, but we made about $300 dollars on things that were of no value to us anymore. Any extra cash is helpful when you’re moving to a new place.


3- Box everything!! Nothing is more annoying to the people that come to help you move than the feeling that you expect them to pack things up for them. Your life will be easier if you can easily stack boxes into your moving truck. Remember, Tetris is easier with squares!!


4- Recruit a big group of people to help you stack your boxes into your truck. Bribe them with cold drinks, pizza, or doughnuts. You can use all the help you can get.


5- Rent the biggest U Haul you can find. It’s so much easier to pack one vehicle than to pack things into a tiny truck over and over again. It will save you and your helpers a lot of time!


6- Pay someone to clean up the house you are moving from. I’m sure it differs from area to area, and the size of your house, but the cost for paying someone to clean up after you is totally worth it. I wish I had taken the money we earned from the yard sale and used it to have someone clean our townhome for us after we moved! I spent so much time scrubbing that place!


7-  Organize your boxes as best you can. The more organized your belonging are, the less work you’ll have when you get into your new place. You’ll already be super exhausted from all the packing and you’ll be grateful when you don’t have to search for the things you need.


8- Label your boxes with a lot of detail. They should indicate which room they belong in, and you can write all the items that are in each box, so you can quickly locate them.


9- Saran wrap your drawers. After you remove everything from your armoires and dressers, wrap them so that the drawers can’t slide in and out while you’re moving them. You should also use painters tape to label them with the rooms they belong in.


10- Hire a moving company! Forget everything I said and hire someone to do all this crap for you! It’s totally worth the money if you can afford it! My husband and I spent 2 FULL weeks packing, cleaning, organizing, and did I mention cleaning?! Save your pennies and hire someone to do it for you! You’re welcome!

10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy

10 thoughts on “10 Tips to Make Moving Less Crappy”

  1. Ha ha! Moving is so stressful. The last time I moved we packed a huge truck in 1 foot of snow on the ground–so snow boots and careful you don't slip!
    Thanks for all the advice.
    One thing I did last time that helped was I packed non-essential items several weeks before–books, out of season clothes, some of our dishes.
    This just helped cut down on the stress when moving (and I still had plenty of stress when we did).

  2. Our daughter is moving with her hubby from the east coast back home to Texas.They're stressing about such a long-distance move so I've been looking for all the articles I can get my hands on with moving tips to forward to her. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~

  3. Uggh! This post reminded me of how I really really really really dislike packing…almost in any form. Moving packing is THE WORST!! Right now, I'm thinking, "What was I thinking, we need to move from where we are into a better place for us with room to grow?" Oh that's right, room to grow!! 😀 Speaking of which, if we want to move around the end of this month, I should probably get going with it – uggh!!

  4. Great suggestions! I especially love the saran wrap suggestion. When we moved across states, we loaded all our things in a horse trailer. Who knew we had soooooo much stuff after only being married a couple of years?!

    Thanks also for hosting the linky. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  5. I totally agree with you! I've moved houses twice in my adult life and it's really draining, especially during the first time. Anyway, I really cracked up at tip #3! That Tetris logic is really sound and I'll keep that in mind with everything that has got to do with organizing stuff. As for tip #10, I'm a bit torn between the two options. I guess I'll have to factor in the cost of the boxes, straps, packaging tapes, food for the minions/friends and all that physical effort versus the cost of hiring professionals to do the moving. Haha! Thanks for sharing your awesome post!

    Thelma Bowman @ Quality Strapping

  6. As a military wife I'm totally used to moving a lot. These are pretty awesome tips. I agree with #10 the most. Hahah it's just easier to have someone else pack up your house. But a word of caution be in each room when they are packing your stuff up. Just to keep them honest. I've arrived at new bases and stuff has magically gone missing…….

  7. Gosh where were you guys 6 years ago when I moved LOL. Will save this for the future! Thanks for linking up to The Bajan Texan's Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board

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