Fun 5 Easter Minute to Win It Games

5 Easter Minute to Win It Games


5 Easter Minute to Win It Games! Easter is such a fun time of year!!! The spring weather, spending time with your family, and playing fun games! These are fun games that young and old alike will love to play.



5 Easter Minute to Win It Games

5 Easter Minute to Win It Games

1. Blow the Easter eggs. Gather your old paper towel tubes and some plastic eggs and see how many eggs they can blow over the finishing line in a minute!






2. The Bunny tail drop! Stand on a chair and hold the cotton balls by your nose and drop them into the Easter basket and see how many you can get in the basket in a minute. Harder than you think!





3. Easter egg throw. Pair up into teams! One partner holds the Easter basket and the other tries to throw eggs into the basket. I would have them line up 4 feet away from each other and let the fun begin!!






4. Stack the Peeps. How many Peeps can you stack in a minute, without them falling over??? That’s the challenge!!!!!





5. Easter egg (balloon) pop! Find a partner. One partner will blow up and tie the balloon and the other partner will pop the balloon by stomping it. How many can you get in a minute?












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