Take Your Easter Egg Hunt to the Next Level

Take Your Easter Egg Hunt to the Next Level

Take Your Easter Egg Hunt to the Next Level! Kids will absolutely love these fun and creative Easter egg hunt ideas! Let me share with you my ideas for Easter eggs instead of your ordinary candy.


Take Your Easter Egg Hunt to the Next Level

Take Your Easter Egg Hunt to the Next Level

I’m a freak when it comes to holidays. I love to find the unique things that bring a smile to a kids face. Yes, you still need treats on Easter but boy, you should see their faces when they open that egg and it’s something that they didn’t expect.


We have an Easter egg hunt every year at my mother-in-law’s house, with different ages of kids. I start looking months before Easter to find that special egg. I just can’t help my self, I get that into it. This year, with all the craziness going on, I think we really need to celebrate. I don’t know if we will still be able to have a big family gathering but if it’s only for our family, we will be celebrating. So, I already have gotten my supplies for my Easter egg hunt but I thought I would share. They all can be purchased on Amazon, so you won’t have to break your quarantine. 


Superhero Masks Party Favors for KidWho doesn’t love to be a Superhero? They come in a pack of 33 for only $14.95.



M&M’S Easter Milk Chocolate Candy in Easter Eggs:  It’s a box of 12 and it’s only $12.17.



12 Piece Easter Eggs with Toy Cars: 12-pack Easter eggs prefilled with assorted vibrant colored diecast cars. $18.95



10pcs Superhero Soft Squeeze Squishies Toys with Keychains$14.99



Prextex Pack of 24 Mini Touchable Bubble Wands Neon Colored Heart Shaped Fun Party FavorThese are the coolest bubbles. They don’t pop as fast as regular bubbles. $12.95


Sour Patch Chewy Candy Easter Eggs Pack Of 24: Each egg is individually sealed to lock in freshness. $20.74



12 Pre-Filled Easter Eggs with 12 Different Designs of Necklaces and 12 Bracelets Girls Jewelry Set: $10.95


Pow Inflatable Baseball Bats: Each order of inflatable baseball bats includes 12 bats in bright assorted colors. With every order, you will get 3 of each color: red, pink, blue and baby blue. These inflatable bat toys feature the classic and iconic comic book superhero word pow on them. $12.89


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, 12 Pack Egg Carton: Make Easter memorable: new Hatchimals collectibles have arrived! This season, you can hatch over 80 new friends who shine bright when you place them on a light! In this set, discover 10 in egg Hatchimals and 2 out-of-egg Hatchimals. $14.99


Large Surprise Eggs Filled 6 Pack Easter Eggs with Wind-Up Novelty Jumping Chics and Animal Stickers: Six large eggs filled with epic wind-up jumping chickens animal stickers, it might make some kids smile (Adults too). $8.99



Easter Dinosaur Eggs, 4 Pack Building Blocks: WHAT YOU WILL GET: 4 sets of building blocks. Come with instructions. According to the instructions, kids will get different dinosaur models, such as allosaurus, carnosaurs, pteranodon, hadrosaur, stegosaurus, etc. Kids can also enjoy their imagination running wild to build different shapes. 


Kinder JOY Eggs: 15-count package is great for Easter basket stuffers, gifts, and party favors for boys and girls. $21.51




8 Pack Pre Filled Jumbo Deformation Easter Eggs with Unicorn Pony Toys: refilled easter eggs include 8 pieces of jumbo easter eggs plus 8 unicorn that comes along with it. $14.95



Dinosaur Eggs Dino Dig Kits 12 Unique Dinosaurs Excavation Toy: Excavate a detailed dinosaur model from its plaster dinosaur eggs. Experience the excitement of a paleontologist discovery like a real archaeologist as you excavate 12 unique dinosaurs! $18.99 

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