The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies

The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies

The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies! These Peanut Butter Cookies have the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture, with crisp edges and a creamy, rich peanut butter middle. It’s my favorite peanut butter cookie! 

Seriously, You don’t have to take my word, you can look at the comments, these are the best peanut butter cookies ever!

The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies

The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies!

One of my favorite flavor for cookies is peanut butter! There is a lot of recipes for this favorite standby but, again, by trial and error, I’m always on the hunt for the one that stands up to the title of BEST cookie ever!

This cookie really melts in your mouth! When I made them the other day, my husband COULD NOT stop eating them!


When you make a “peanut butter cookie” with only peanut butter, sugar, and an egg, you just can’t get the typical texture that you’d expect from a cookie.

And that’s why this peanut butter cookie recipe is my absolute favorite: It has tons of peanut butter flavor and richness, but also an incredible texture when you bite into it. 

It’s slightly crisp on the edges, but soft, chewy, and moist in the middle. They’re dangerous, in the most welcome way.

The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies


1 cup brown sugar, packed firmly
1 cup white sugar
½ cup shortening
½ cup butter softened
1 cup peanut butter
½ teaspoon salt
2 eggs
2 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 ¼ cups flour


· Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray cookie sheets with a non-stick spray.
· Cream together the sugars, shortening, butter, and peanut butter.
· Add the eggs and vanilla, mix until well combined.
· Mix the dry ingredients together, add the dry ingredients to the cream mixture.
· Roll the cookie dough into tablespoon-size balls.
· Roll the cookie balls into sugar.
· Place on the cookie sheets- DO NOT mash with a fork in normal “peanut butter cookie” fashion.
· Bake for 11 to 13 minutes.


The Best Peanut Butter Cookies

Did you try this recipe? Did you love it? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!





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258 thoughts on “The BEST Peanut Butter Cookies”

    1. These are the best! I made them for my neighbor and my husbands work! I am their favorite now! Thank you! <3 <3

    2. These are seriously the best peanut butter cookies ever! My family rave over them! I add peanut butter chips to the top of mine. Sometimes I also add reeces pieces.

  1. Wow these sound so good! I have been craving peanut butter a lot with this pregnancy so I think I'm going to need to make these soon. It's for the baby right? 🙂 I'm featuring this at my link party tonight and pinning!

    1. These are seriously the best peanut butter cookies ever! My family rave over them! I add peanut butter chips to the top of mine. Sometimes I also add reeces pieces.

    1. I’m thinking I will try these with Pamela’s Bake Mix substituting for the flour. I’ve tried it with Banana, Fig, Walnut Muffins and they don’t rise as high but the baking soda and salt ratios didn’t cause a problem… might work!

  2. for the brown sugar does it matter if its dark or light? to cream the ingredients hands or spoon good to use instead of pastry cutter? thank you

  3. Sounds good….:)
    My recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies is
    1 egg
    1 cup Peanut Butter
    1 Cup sugar….
    That's it…and they are awesome.
    I'll try YOUR recipe, too…:)

    1. bj, I was just wondering how could your cookie recipe only have egg, peanut butter and sugar, and no flour? sounds interesting:)

    2. The flourless version works with Splenda (or other sugar substitute) too. They are more of a melt-in-your-mouth crunchy cookie rather than a flat chewy recipe.

  4. I don't tend to leave comments on recipes, but I feel a need to let you know this awesome share is very much appreciated, so thank you! I made these last night and today they replaced the "Peanut Butter Cookies" card in my proven recipes box. Notes: I used a tablespoon-sized cookie scoop and got a yield of 70 perfectly chewy cookies that looked just like your photo. I baked each batch of 12 on a middle rack for six minutes and allowed them to cool on the sheet for five before removing to a wire rack to cool completely. The first dozen got completely rolled in sugar, but after finding those slightly too sweet I dipped just the tops of the rest. This gave a lovey amount of texture and sparkle. For the last ten, I tried coconut sugar. I don't recommend trying this because the coconut sugar got really dark and made my peanut butter cookies look misleadingly like snickerdoodles. Hope my experience helps; I highly recommend baking these cookies!

  5. Melt in your mouth peanut butter cookies?? Yum, they sound so good, I can't resist anything to do with peanut butter. This has been featured as one of my favourites on Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by grab a button and link up again this weekend.

  6. These are the best! I've made them quite a few times now and just love them. I have started adding chocolate chips since my hubby loves a little chocolate! Delish!

  7. I have made these many times now, and they are awesome! The first time I made them, I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out flat and not big and beautiful like the photo. I made the adjustment to using all butter flavored Crisco, and adjusting the time to about 15 minutes, and BAM! Perfect cookies, and so gorgeous!

  8. Hi! Peanut Butter cookies are one of my favorites of all times! Thanks for stopping by #TheWeekendSocial and linking up! I have pinned, stumbled and shared your link across social media. I hope to see you again next week!

  9. Got me with the best:) tee-hee…have to try now just because. I am the same way. I like to try recipes until they are they best. These look just amazing. pinning to try real soon. found at inspiring grace linky. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Literally the best! I've made these several times. My tummy thanks you…my waist line…not so much. 😉

  11. These cookies are AMAZING! ! Followed the recipe exactly and they came out just like the picture. Thanks for posting these!

  12. There is nothing better than a traditional cookie like this! I pinned it for later on! My kids (and husband) would love these!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week at The Pin It Party!

  13. These sound tasty. I love peanut butter cookies. I will have to try them out. Thanks for linking up to Merry Mondays. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  14. I just made these cookies and they were the best peanut butter cookie I've ever eaten! They have so much peanut butter flavor and the texture is phenomenal. I used butter and this is our new peanut butter cookie recipe!

  15. I was looking for a pb cookie recipe to add to my list of cookies to bake for a local auction to help raise money for a scholarship and I think I found it with this one. Sounds like a good old fashion recipe. Thanks for posting it.

  16. These still look really good. Even better today because I'm in a hotel for a little bit and can't make them for myself. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you this week too. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  17. You wouldn't think that a "simple" peanut butter cookie could generate so much excitement! But it is the search for "the best" basic craving cookie that keeps us trying recipe after recipe, until we find THE one. I have been on a peanut butter cookie search for awhile and am excited to find your recipe! The sugar coating and chewy texture are just what i have been looking for. Pinned to try soon!

  18. I made homemade dog treats for the dogs today and my humans were jealous. So I went on Pinterest to find a recipe for peanut butter cookies. Thank you! They are delicious! And now the humans in my house are very happy 🙂

  19. This is so funny/awesome/perfect–that the recipe is here, I mean. This is the exact recipe my father taught me to make when he was teaching me to cook and bake when I was eight years old–53 years ago! I lost the recipe during one of my numerous moves over the decades (47 as of last November, and I'm not even military in any way), and have tried and tried to find it, never achieving success.

    Now I can make them again and enjoy that wonderful taste Dad loved so much. Mom was a self-proclaimed "lousy" cook (she really was bad at it, LOL), so she was happy to turn the kitchen over to me 🙂

  20. For those interested in calorie counts, I did the math and the total recipe adds up to 5,5551 calories, so if you use a cookie scoop which makes approximately 50 cookies the total comes to 111 calories per cookie. Just in case you're counting calories like me! 🙂

  21. Hi Kimberly! I just wanted to let you know that I tried your peanut butter cookie recipe and entered them in our local fair this year. They won a blue ribbon! Delicious! Here is a link to my blog,, where I posted the ingredients, a photo of the cookies, I prepared and a link to your recipe! Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe! Now you can say they are, blue ribbon peanut butter cookies!

  22. Sweet (literally and figuritively!) I am going to make these with my son after school tomorrow bc he loves to bake and eat the batter and we have all of the ingredients!
    thanks for sharing! ps. I love your polk a dots on your blog!

  23. Yum! Thanks for linking to the Creative K Tasty Tuesday party. I've pinned your recipe to the Tasty Tuesday board. We hope to see you again for our party tomorrow morning.

  24. Made these for my husbands platoon and they are delicious! I almost didn't send them to work with my husband and all of his marines dream of the day I send some more! Thank you so much for the recipe!!

  25. Extremely good recipe! I took all the balls and threw them on a 14 inch pizza pan and make one large cookie for my son's birthday. I did not roll them in sugar and I cooked on 350 for 30 min.
    They turned out great but very important use a 14 inch pan NOT a 12 inch.

  26. This is the best recipe I've ever used or tasted. I found the photo pinned on Pinterest and was dubious of the title, but these proved true to the claim. Thanks SO much for sharing!

  27. You know, I'm not usually a fan of peanut butter cookies. But yours look AMAZING! I'm going to have to give them a shot–maybe you'll convert me. 😉

    Found you on The Pin It Party. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I love a chewy peanut butter cookie especially hot out of the oven with a glass of milk. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Link Party!

  29. These are wonderful, but you put it on the wrong linky… but how wrong can it be… especially with Thanksgiving so close. yummmmmmm My recipe linky is on Friday and today is music to rock by… the theme is always in my side bar. Come out and rock with us some time. All you need to due is Post some tunes!!! Every Monday… Recipes every Friday… thanks and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! YOU ROCK!

  30. Yep, you guys were right – best peanut butter cookies ever! Oh my, they were just what I was searching for, crisp and light but a little chewy inside. The only change I made was to use margarine instead of shortening. I made only a half batch tonight, but I will be making more to take to work and for Christmas…and the New Year! Thanks for this great recipe!

  31. Fabulous! We love peanut (butter) cookie s. And amazingly, I have never shared my recipe. Go figure. Well,yours look great. Pinned at my most popular board!!! Thanks for linking it up at the It's fun having you partying with us. A new party will open in a mere few hours….

  32. I read all the great comments of these cookies and I agree with the taste. But, someone help me because they came out flat and not slightly thick as the photo. Maybe because I used butter instead of butter and shortening.

  33. Made these tonight, awesome! I used 1 cup butter flavored Crisco in place of shortening and butter,and added extra quarter cup peanut butter. Lined cookie sheets with parchment paper instead of greased cookie sheets. Worked great:)

  34. I just made these. I used all butter, no shortening and added chocolate chips. They turned out great! My family loves them! Thank you so much – this will be my go to recipe!

  35. I want to try your wonderful recipe. I dont have regular smooth peanut butter but the natural kind, will it work ok or how do I use it in the recipe 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  36. Yum! I haven't made or eaten peanut butter cookies in a very long time. I may give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it and making it printable.

  37. Wow!! This sounds delicious. I would love to try but I don't use eggs. Is there any substitute that I can use ?? Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have you again next week.

  38. I love cookies that use both brown and white sugar – it gives such great flavour and texture! Thank you for sharing your Best Peanut Butter Cookies with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. Pinned and sharing. They sure do look tasty!

  39. I made these today and am very pleased with the results! I chilled the dough for about 1-1 1/2 hrs. in fridge
    and had no problem rolling them in sugar. I forgot to roll the first batch in sugar so after they were cooled
    I drizzled melted chocolate on them. Keeping this recipe.

  40. I have made this recipe several times and the whole family loves them! Made them today with Bob's Gluten Free flour and they are still amazing!!!

  41. Peanut butter cookies are my husband's favorites. I've never felt like we had the right recipe and judging by all the comments – this one might be it! Glad you brought this oldie but goodie back and shared at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. 🙂

  42. OMG. These are the type of peanut butter cookies I've been looking for!! Every other one I've tried is too crunchy or too soft…these are the perfect crispness on the outside and chewy in the middle 🙂 I'm always dubious about recipes that have comments like "I HAVE to try this recipe, pinning it for later"…makes me wonder if anyone has ever even tried it. THIS recipe has comments about people making them and they are right – these are the absolute best peanut butter cookies I have ever had. This is now my new go to recipe!

  43. I am 16 and I love to bake, I made these for dessert tonight and they were outstanding! The mixture of both butter and shortening, and the two types of sugars gives the cookies a chewy, but also crisp texture that is just delicious! This was my first time making these but they are now my to-go-to peanut butter cookie recipe. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  44. darlin i hate peanut butter cookies. but these are litterally the best freaking cookies I’ve ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.


  45. Peanut butter cookies are my all time favorite. It’s hard to find ones that are the exact way I like them, so I am excited to make your recipe.

  46. I enjoy a good peanut butter cookie! I think this is amazing and it’s definitely worth a try. I’m sure it tastes good and it’s perfect with your favorite cup of coffee or tea during lazy afternoons this season.

  47. ooo these look delicious! I have been searching for new interesting cookie recipes and these look awesome! My guys would love this, they have a fascination with peanut butter

  48. We love pb cookie she in our home. I am going to try this recipe with my kids over the weekend for syre

  49. I dont think I would be able to stop eating them either! Not sure I’ve ever tired peanut butter flavour cookies before, but I’m defo going to now x

  50. I first commented on this recipe roughly 2 1/2 years ago and I have to say – I have made them many times since then and they always come out perfect! As strange as it sounds, though I love chocolate I’m not a fan of chocolate chip cookies…..peanut butter cookies own my heart! These never last long around here. I made them for my Christmas tins last year and this is the recipe everyone asked for! I can’t recommend people trying this recipe enough – you will NOT be disappointed!

  51. Just found these on Pinterest today and they looked so good, I had to make them. Best damn peanut butter cookie ever! And I’ve been baking for many, many years. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I’ve had butter on my table for a week and peanut butter that needed to be used, along came your recipe on my Pinterest feed, lucky me. They were perfect. Very similar in texture to the peanut butter cookies sold at Tim Horton’s in Canada. I made large ones, my cookie scoop is 2 Tbsp. I did cook the first dozen 14 minutes, they were exactly what I wanted when they were warm. When they were cooled they were a bit more crunchy in texture, not what I wanted. The second dozen I cooked for 12 minutes were very soft but when they cooled they are perfect. I baked for 12 minutes turning halfway, let cool on the cookie sheet for 6 min before tranferinging them to cooling rack. The recipe made 4 dozen exactly. They are almost gone as I type, guess I have to make more tomorrow.

  53. These are amazing thank you so much. I have trouble standing for long periods of time so rather than roll each one I just scooped out into sheets with round scoop like a chocolate chip cookie, sprinkled some with sugar and some with a new (for me) salted caramel seasoning blend and wow, perfect! I’ve never been successful with PB cookies now I wonder if the flattening with fork plus the shortening/butter combo was the difference. Thank you again for this wonderful recipe.

  54. Has anyone made these in a convection oven? I just purchased a small bakery and I would love to try these out for my customers. My oven is a convection oven so I dont have the option of turning the convection feature off. I know to definately reduce the temp. and cut off a few minutes..any other suggestions?

  55. Peanut Butter Cookies are my Husbands favorite and I have made many recipes but this is by far the best. Just as the title reads! Great Cookies and I cant wait to share them with the neighbors at our 4th of July celebration tomorrow.

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