Easy One Pot Chicken Risotto

One Pot Chicken Risotto

One Pot Chicken Risotto is a delicious, simple, and easy dish – just add ingredients and stir for a creamy restaurant-quality risotto at home! 
One Pot Chicken Risotto


To be honest I didn’t even know what Risotto was when I first decided to make this so I was a little nervous.
But I did it and it turned out great, so if I can cook this you can too! It really is pretty simple to make and has a lot of flavors. It’s a great fall recipe because it’s not quite your typical soup, but warms you up just the same!

One Pot Chicken Risotto


2 chicken breasts, diced, seasoned with salt and pepper
1 large onion, diced
1 bell pepper (and/or other vegetables)
2 1/2 cups rice
1 can beef stock
3 tbsp. butter
olive oil
dices green onions or peas
1 cup of water
Parmesan Cheese

One Pot Chicken Risotto


1. Heat a large pan over high heat and add 1 tbsp olive oil.
2. When the oil is heated, add diced chicken. Cook until brown on all sides
3. Add diced vegetables. When they are slightly browned, add butter and salt.
4. Lower heat to medium-low, add rice, stir well.
5. Let rice brown (“toast”) just slightly
6. Add a little bit of stock – just enough to keep the consistency liquid. Stir frequently until rice thickens
7. Add a little more stock and water until it is just barely liquid. Repeat stirring frequently until thickened, and add just enough stock to keep it from burning or becoming too thick.
8. When the stock is gone, taste it. If the rice is too crunchy for your taste, add a little water, and continue with the steps above. 
9. Add diced green onions or peas.
10. When the risotto is thick enough to not spread all over a plate, but not so thick you can make shapes with it, it is ready!!
11. Serve topped with fresh parmesan cheese and enjoy!





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