Tips When Doing Kids Hair

Tips When Doing Kids Hair


Here are some tips when doing kids hair, I’ve had a lot of people ask how I get my kids to sit still long enough and how to get it to stay.


Tips When Doing Kids Hair #hairdos #styling #littlegirls #littleboys

Tips When Doing Kids Hair

These aren’t really my tips. I’ve learned everything from my mom! I’ve had a lot people ask how I get my kids to sit still and how I get it to stay for the most part. There are a few things I have found that works really good!

First and probably most important is start them young. My kids know that they don’t leave the house unless their hair is done or they have a hat on. This way they know that they are expected to have their hair done. As soon as they have enough hair to do something with they get it done.



Next, when they are little, I have them sit on the counter so that they have no where to move and distract them with their favorite show. This especially works for Ellie since her hair takes a little longer than the boys hair. However, she’s starting to stand on the stool like the boys because she wants to be like them and she’ll mostly hold still long enough to do her hair. “Tangled Ever After” on repeat works for her right now for distraction show. 


Tips When Doing Kids Hair

Lastly, getting it to stay in, possibly the most important part. Boys hair we use Got 2 Be Glued, and I typically try to keep their hair shorter. I usually use hairspray too. With Ellie, we use the thicker Goody ouchless elastics, the thin ones just aren’t as good and break too easy. It’s easier to do her hair when it’s wet and it stays longer. Mousse is a must have and hairspray. When I do the twisty on top I can leave it for a couple days and that’s the part that keeps her hair out of her face. 



Find a hairdo that works for your kid, Ellie hates her hair in her face so we do updos and then tweek them throughout the week. I also follow a lot of Instagram kid hair accounts for inspiration. Also, my kids have very different hair so the same haircut or style may not work for all your kids.


Tips When Doing Kids Hair




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