Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under

Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under


Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under are some things I do for my sanity with this many little people.



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Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under

Here are some things I do in order to maintain my sanity. My kids are little, cute, crazy, fun, frustrating and I live every minute with them. Now that being said I am not the expert or authority on motherhood but these are helpful things I do for me and my kids!

I’m a teacher so during the school year I don’t get to spend as much time with my munchkins so I want to cherish every moment I get with them in the summer. We still need to be able to function and be able to do things and live our busy lives. While still trying to have fun at the same time. 


Pick your Battles. First thing you need to do is make sure you decide what you can live with. Basically pick your battles. I am very much a list person and I hate having a messy house.

Now that we have a new baby, a very demanding toddler and the other two mildly helpful boys. Baby has been a little more gassy than my other children and she has wanted to be held pretty much constantly through out the day. We couldn’t figure out what her deal was because she has been sleeping almost all night long. We feel like we’ve resolved the issue now but nothing, was getting done.

Finally, I decided that I just needed to get the kids dressed and their hair done so they can feel good for the day, get myself ready and keep the kitchen and living room picked up. Then when I had time for other things I could quickly do, I would hurry and do them. So, if you’re like me, make a list of priorities that need to be done that week in order of importance and chip away at the list. Let everything else go. 



Get Enough Sleep. It’s really hard sometimes to get sleep when your kids are getting up all the time for various reasons. Instead of binging that show or scrolling through that social media. Make a concerted effort to get to bed at a decent time and make your health a priority.


Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under

Take Care of YOUShower, get dressed and exercise everyday. Whether it means going out for a walk with the kids, getting fresh air, or straight up cardio and weight lifting. Move your body and it will make you feel better, have more energy. Nothing makes you feel better than getting clean. When your partner can, have them give you a little me time to do other things that you enjoy. 



Enjoy the Kids. Sometimes it can be hard to get caught up in life, and your list of things to do. Slow down and take time to snuggle with your kids. Unplug, leave your phone in the other room and just simply enjoy the kiddos. They are funny, smart and each has their own perfect personality. Don’t forget to love and see all that they are, nothing will make you more happy.


Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under

Declutter. Declutter your life. If you don’t love doing something, don’t do it. If your kids don’t absolutely doing activities, then don’t do them. To a certain extent you have to push your kids out of their comfort zone and introduce them to new things, but don’t just do things because you feel like you need to.

Life is too busy as it is. Give your kids time to just be kids. Declutter can also go for getting rid of things that you don’t use or need anymore. If you haven’t used it in a year, then most likely you won’t, get rid of it!



Did your Rocking It With Four Kids Six and Under help? What did you think? Do you have advice for us? We would love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below or tag us on Instagram




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