5 Tips for Working Moms

5 Tips for Working Moms

Here are 5 Tips for Working Moms I have learned as a new working Mommy. I, in no way, am an expert, these are just things that have worked for me.


5 Tips for Working Moms

5 Tips for Working Moms

No matter how much people tell you things, you will never be fully prepared for what is going to happen to you. Everyone is different, and there is no perfect way to be a mommy. So you need to just do you.

I am not currently breastfeeding because as a full-time mom I don’t have time to pump during the day at work. The first thing, I learned was to have a bottle of Gerber® Pure® Water in my diaper bag at all times. I found it at Walmart and you never know when the little tike will be hungry, so like a boy scout you should be prepared!

I learned this the hard way, there are times when you won’t be in a place where water is readily available. Also, I prefer to use Gerber® Pure® Water because it is specially purified for babies and for use in mixing infant formula or cereal. To learn more about Gerber products click here.

Second thing, I learned was babies do weird things so don’t freak out when something happens and no one has ever had it happen to them. When we first brought little G home he had what was called brick dust in his urine. Google it and you will see why I freaked out.

It’s weird looking. So obviously I called my mom, and she had never heard of it. I was 100% freaked out! And rightly so. I learned that it’s okay to call the Pediatrician when you have a concern no matter how silly it seems. Peace of mind will go a long way. Do what you think is important to do. You know what’s best for your child!



Third, everything comes back to the organization when you’re working. Plan meals, I have been packing lunches and making crock pot dinners to save money and my sanity. We are trying to save money because we are building a house.

I go online and find the meals that look easiest and healthiest and I make a shopping list for the whole week of food. Then I meal prep on Sunday evenings for the week of lunches. Which gives me more time with my happy little homie when I get home from work.



Next, have your husband drop off the kid at daycare. He can handle it better than I can. When I hand him over, and he’s crying it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. I love that Matt drops off G, and then I get to pick him up in the afternoons–the best part of my day!

With that comes the fact that you should buy a car seat base for both you and daddy. It’s easier and more convenient all around.


Last, enjoy every last second with your little one! They grow up so fast, and I can’t believe how much he has changed in 2+ months of life.

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