Monster Truck Birthday

Monster Truck Birthday


Monster Truck Birthday parties are the best things in the world. There is a lot you can get and do!


Monster Truck Birthday

This was a super simple birthday party to have especially being pretty pregnant! I came up with all these awesome ideas for Sawyer’s cake and he kept telling me exactly what he wanted. It was a super simple idea, so I was pretty grateful for that! Here’s what we did!


I got all the decorations, plates, and tablecloth on Amazon. Everything is linked below.

We also got him a monster truck for one of his gifts at Walmart and it’s actually a super cool RC car and he told me this morning that it was the best present ever! It does tricks and tips up on the back tires and spins and then can go back down to normal! 

Also, every year he wants a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, click here for the recipe. We put the graham crackers on top to make it look like arena dirt. As you’ll notice, Bowser is on there too, he really wanted him on his cake!

Links for everything!

Monster Truck Banner and Tablecloth


Balloon Tires, Monster Trucks (not pictured above), Stars and Number 4



Extra Balloon Tires




Checkered Flag Banners




Plates, Napkins and Forks

Chocolate Cake Recipe


Maglebys Chocolate Cake Copycat Recipe

Snake Bite Monster Truck Toy


New Bright (1:10) Snake Bite Battery Remote Control Monster Truck Lights, Sounds, Green 61061U

5 thoughts on “Monster Truck Birthday”

  1. Love the monster truck party, the decorations and the cake are adorable – and the smile on your son’s face – priceless!! He’s so cute!! Great party!!


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