Easy Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips


There are 14 days until Christmas, if you’re not done shopping yet here are some Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips for you!


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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

The holiday’s can be so hectic with Christmas, end of term and all the things that happen during the holiday’s. Here are some tips I have figured out over the years that have helped me to be successful.


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Tip # 1 – Try not to leave things to the last minute – but if you do it’s okay. I really try to plan in advance and shop the sales on Black Friday. However, there are benefits to waiting until the last minute. Even until Christmas Eve sometimes, there are some deals you can get last minute that aren’t available earlier.

Also, there are less people shopping on Christmas Eve because they want to avoid the stress. Understandably, however, there are small benefits.


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Tip #2 – Make sure to check Delivery Dates – I love to shop online it’s amazing. A lot of times you will get your stuff on time. There are times that it  doesn’t work out. If you order early enough on Amazon you can pick dates for delivery and sometimes they will give you a dollar just to pick one day later. We have gotten about 30 dollars this season just picking the later day.


Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Tip #3 – Be Aware and research – Make sure you are actually getting a deal. We have ideas sometimes and will look on several websites to make sure we are getting an actual deal. Some websites will offer crazy good deals that are too good to be true, and they are. Make sure you aren’t getting your money stolen.


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Tip #4 – Take advantage of seasonal hours – Some stores are staying open later to accommodate those who work full time and have kids and things. We can tag team shop if necessary while the kids are sleeping with the seasonal hours.


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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Tip #5 – Don’t be afraid to give Gift Cards or Experiences – I honestly love a good gift card that way I can buy what I want. Food is fun to get too, then we can go whenever we want. We have been trying to eat out less and save money. This is easier to do when we have gift cards. Giving experiences is fun too! You can give them certificates to museums, concerts, sporting events, the spa and so much more!


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Tip #6 – Know When to Stop- Sometimes when shopping last minute we tend to go overboard to make up for the fact that we are behind. At least, I do this. I feel like if I don’t plan then I over purchase to make up for not being prepared. Set a budget or gift limit for each person and stick to it!


Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

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