How to Make Christmas Season Magical

How to Make Christmas Season Magical


This is How to Make Christmas Season Magical and still make it through everyday life.


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How to Make Christmas Season Magical

December is always Magical and having kids it can be crazy but here are a few things that are simple but help keep the magic during the Christmas season. Honestly, I know it can be exhausting all the little things that we do already.

Matt and I try to finish most of our shopping before December so that we can enjoy the holiday season a little more. Which means more time for the little things. Here are a few things that we do in order to keep the magic but still survive the day to day stuff. 


Christmas Advent Calendar

How to Make Christmas Season Magical

Do a Christmas Advent Calendar! We do this every year and it looks different every time because we let the kids pick what candy they want to do. This year our chain isn’t as pretty because the kids picked smartie suckers. Honestly, I feel like it was random but a win because less mess and Ellie can eat them and not get sucker everywhere. 


Elf on a Shelf. I have never done the elf on a shelf because I was worried I would run out of ideas or forget to move them. Or a number of things but this year we got the Crafty Holiday Helper Kit and it’s already been amazing. Yes, we started right after

Thanksgiving because we’re crazy. The stuff that comes in this kit are amazing and so cute. Grey thinks it’s the coolest thing on the planet. 10/10 Recommend. It comes with literally everything you need for your elf. I mean everything, go check it out. 


Christmas Lights Spanish Forks Festival of Lights! in Spanish Fork, UT, USA

How to Make Christmas Season Magical

Christmas Lights are the best and where we are from there are lots of places to go. There is a light parade after Thanksgiving, there are homes in our area that have lights set to music and you can go watch for free and our city even has a fesitival of lights you can pay and go see. Our kids love the lights. Go find lights in your area, free or not and get in the spirit. 


The Best Sugar Cookies


Make Sugar Cookies. I have 2 boys and a girl and they love to help make sugar cookies. We have bought all the dinosaur cookie cutters though because boys. They don’t really care for the Christmas ones I bought. We make them and they kids have so much fun! There is a great sugar cookie recipe click here

How to Make Christmas Season Magical One Holiday Way 8-Inch Medium Rustic Colorful Kids Christmas Nativity Scene with Creche, Set of 12 Figures - Small Mini Decorative Religious Figurines Christian Tabletop Desk Office or Home Decor :


Do the 12 Days of Christmas to someone. We did it for my mom last year with a Nativity and it was so fun. We almost got caught 100 times but the kids loved to do it.

We got a Nativity and would give them one piece every night with a poem and a treat. Grey loved to doorbell ditch my parents, since they don’t have a camera yet it was a little easier. There are lots of ideas on Etsy if you are looking for some!

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