7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers


Here are 7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers for those who are pregnant and have kids. This will help save you time especially during the busy holiday season!


7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers #pregnancy #sanitysavers


7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

Green Label 6 in. Uncoated Paper Plates in White (1000 Per Case) AJMPP6GREWH - The Home Depot


1. Paper PlatesWhen you’re too tired/sick to clean up breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner disposable dishes can really boost your mood! 


Walmart Grocery Pickup is Picking Up | Numerator


2. Grocery Store Pickup or DeliveryPlan your meals in advance and then shop online. We bought Walmart+ so they will deliver to our house. I also use pick up every week too. I pick out what I want to eat and then I don’t have wrestle the kids in the store and don’t buy things we don’t really need. 
3. Pick Simple Dinners: The crockpot and instant pot are your friends. The dump meals have been saving my life lately. Also, a bowl of cereal can be amazing. All of which are easy clean up. 

7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers

How exercise leads to sharper thinking and a healthier brain - The Washington Post
4. Be ActiveI know when you’re tired the last thing you want to do is get up and move around. I find that the more active in the day the better I feel. I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day if not more. Yoga and stretching can also really help your body get the movement needed to feel better. 
BROGRUND Bath/shower set thermostatic faucet, chrome plated - IKEA
5. Shower/Bathe at Night: This saves me time in the mornings and allows me a much needed moment to myself at the end of the day. It helps me relax and sleep deeper. 
6. Let Others Help: I like to take care of most things by myself. Maybe I’m prideful, however, I have learned it’s okay to let others help you. Let them offer to bring you dinner, to do things that are just extra that you can’t do alone. 
How to Clean a Messy House Fast Like a Total Boss - Toot Sweet 4 Two
7. It’s Okay to Let Your House Get Messy: It’s hard to do, having kids and working full time sometimes you just live in a mess. You are tired and extra tired with kids and working and life. It’s okay to let it go. 

7 Pregnancy Sanity Savers


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