Pregnancy Heartburn Tips

Pregnancy Heartburn Tips


Every pregnancy is different and this one has hit me hard with the heartburn. Here are some Pregnancy Heartburn Tips that have helped me.


Pregnancy Heartburn Tips




Granted these tips are not a perfect science. Every pregnancy has been completely different, the things that gave me heartburn this time helped me last time. Actually everything is giving me heartburn this time. Milk, greasy food, let’s be honest basically everything I eat or don’t eat.

If I’m hungry I feel like I have heartburn, but if I eat I get heartburn.  Here are the things that have helped me most and even though some of them seem odd it’s the best thing I have found. Since they recommend that you don’t take Tums or antacids. 


#1 tip – Eat small meals more often. I find that if I eat too much or even too late then it makes me have heartburn all night.


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#2 tip – Drink after you eat not during. This one actually really helps me a lot. I love to drink lots of water but for some reason it gives me tons of heartburn. Not sure the science behind this!


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#3 tip – Skip foods and drinks that have a lot of citrus, spicy and fatty. For me I also have to skip the Diet Coke or anything carbonated or caffeinated.



#4  tip – Sit up for at least an hour after you eat, I’m guessing this one is to give your stomach time to digest the food.


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#5 tip – Eating real foods not just snack foods has been helpful in calm the fire in my belly. Yogurt, eating grilled chicken, ham, sandwiches and salads have helped me a ton.



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#6 tip –  Don’t eat right before bedtime.

#7 tip – Wear loose clothing, I feel like that is super helpful. Grateful that I teach PE so I can wear clothes that are more loose.

I hope that these tips can help you with your heartburn because it really is the worst. I wish I could figure out how to fix all the woes of pregnancy but I can only tell you what has helped me! Good luck!


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