Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! Happy Labor day! Any great weekend plans?

You know the drill! Sit back, kick up your feet, relax, and grab that Diet Coke! It’s time for Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!

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Kimberly’s Friday Favorites


Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed 3


We are getting our lawn ready for Winter! 

It’s simple: treat weeds and feed your lawn with Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed & Feed3 in the fall for a better lawn next spring. This weed killer plus lawn fertilizer controls over 50 listed lawn weeds, including clover, dandelion, plantain, morning glory, chicory, evening primrose, and purslane. In addition, it delivers the nutrients needed to help repair damage from the summertime and build strong roots to take on harsh winter conditions. Apply Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed & Feed3 on a calm day when weeds are actively growing and temperatures are consistently between 60°F and 90°F. Make sure your grass is wet from dew or sprinkling, as this helps particles adhere to weed leaves to produce the best results. We recommend using a Scotts® spreader to apply this product. For Scotts® broadcast/rotary spreaders, use a setting of 3 ¼. For Scotts® drop spreaders, use a setting of 6. Do not water your lawn for 24 hours after application or apply if rain is expected within the next 24 hours. Do not apply to St. Augustinegrass, Floratam, Dichondra, Lippia, Carpetgrass, or Bentgrass. One 14.29 lb. bag of Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed & Feed3 covers 5,000 sq. ft.

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites


Magical Flames Fire Color Changing Packets for Campfire


I can’t wait to use these this weekend! 22% off!

Want to add a little magic to your fire? Magical Flames are the perfect accessories for any wood burning fire! Simply toss an unopened packet or two into your fire for a magical experience that is sure to delight all ages! It’s the best campfire novelty product on the market today and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. Magical Flames adds dazzling blues, brilliant greens, and delightful purples to transform a boring yellow and orange fire to a dancing rainbow of flames!

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites



ONGMICS 30-Pack Pants Hangers


My 20 year old loves these hangers!

SONGMICS is fully committed to providing better quality and more practical hangers.

We always keep solving storage problems of any clothing for you.

We always keep improving our products based on your suggestions.

We always keep using quality materials to ensure the best quality.

We always keep striving so that everyone can find the suitable hangers from SONGMICS.

SONGMICS hangers will be with you in every room in your home.

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites


SABRE Defense Spray


Just got this for miss 20 year old!

Stay safe with our SABRE ADVANCED Pepper Spray. Our advanced 3-in-1 formula includes SABRE’s maximum strength pepper spray, tear gas, and UV marking dye to deliver maximum stopping power. Our best selling and most popular SABRE pepper spray style, this Defense Spray Keychain with Quick Release is ideal for on-the-go self-defense. This durable, hard case unit features an intuitive ergonomic finger grip design for better aim and proper hand alignment with touch alone, allowing for faster deployment and helping you to keep your eyes on the threat. This police strength pepper spray provides maximum security in a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback and protect from a distance. Feel secure with 25 bursts (5x more than other brands) for protection against multiple threats. The Quick Release with detachable key chain allows for immediate access to your pepper spray and easy attachment to the keychain for maximum portability. Available in a selection of colors to keep your daughter, wife, son, and college students safe. SABRE is the #1 pepper spray chosen by thousands of police departments and the leader in personal safety and self-defense products. With over 45 years of experience manufacturing pepper spray, SABRE is trusted by consumers worldwide. Our pepper sprays and gels are proudly manufactured in the USA. SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by consumers worldwide for pepper spray and is a leader in developing safety programs and safety videos to maximize end users’ safety. Empower yourself with extreme stopping power when you need it most.

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites


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