Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time the of the week. Here is a list of the things we love, we need and what we simply can’t live with out! Cassie’s Friday Favorite are here!


Cassie's Friday Favorites #fridayfavorites #fridayfaves #productreviews

Cassie’s Friday Favorites




Favorites #1 – Mystery Box Party Favor – These were awesome for Grey’s birthday party. We filled them with slap bracelets, glow in the dark Mario tattoos, stickers and Mario fruit snacks. It was the perfect party favor for Grey’s birthday party! 



Favorite #2 – Masienda Masa Harina – Back to the perfect corn tortillas. We have loved the Maseca Masa Harina, but then I watched a few youtube videos and found this one online. It’s really fine which helps make it a perfect flavor. We like to mix white and yellow corn masa harina to make our tortillas. 






Favorite #3 – Amstaff Olympic Weight Plate Holder – These are awesome! They not only obviously perfectly hold our weight.  These were only $45 and they are perfect.





Favorite #4 – 1443 Easy Fill Water Balloons – These water balloons were $38 and I was worried they would be cheap and maybe not fill all the way. They were awesome and perfect. The kids loved them.


Cassie’s Friday Favorites

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