How to Relieve Holiday Stress

How to Relieve Holiday Stress


Christmas is coming up fast and I am feeling all the stress to get everything done! Here is how to relieve holiday stress!


How to Relieve Holiday Stress

How to Relieve Holiday Stress

First and for most, accept now that your vision of what the holidays should be, will not likely come to pass. Accept the imperfections and roll with it. This is hard for me. I like everything to always go exactly as I plan but I know that this year is not going to happen.

Greyson wanted to decorate the tree himself this year and I just let it happen. I have clumps of ornaments on the tree and it’s still so beautiful.


How to Relieve Holiday Stress

Delegate. Yet another thing I struggle with. This year seems to have a lot more stress than normal. Maybe it’s the fact that I have an extra kid or that this year the term ends before Christmas, either way I am definitely on high alert. Luckily I have a husband who is super helpful!


Focus on what you can Control! It’s good to plan ahead, think about all the things that could come up, such as conflicts. Refuse to let your kids attitudes and sass effect how you feel. If something doesn’t go the way you expect it to, that’s okay, control what you can control.


It’s okay to say No. Sometimes you just need some random person on the internet to tell you that it’s okay to say no. You can’t be to everything. You just can’t. Life is busy, your kids have things, you have things, it’s okay to tell someone you can not come.


Protect your Down Time. I feel like I’m an extrovert and an introvert. I love being with people and family but also enjoy just being with my little family. It’s nice to have time to let the kids play. To clean my house, to bake or do whatever I want. Give yourself time to decompress and relax. It’s your holiday too!


Get Some Exercise. One of my most favorite things to do these days is going for a run. I used to hate to run, but it has been so good for my mental health. I feel better mentally and physically when I run. It’s good to take some me time and take care of yourself.



Get Outside and Get Fresh Air. Fresh air, whether cool or warm is good for you. There is something about being in nature that cures the soul.



Lastly, Enjoy the little Things! Enjoy this stage. Whatever stage you’re in. Enjoy it. These days don’t last forever and your kids are perfect the way they are. Life is short. 





Christmas Minute to Win it Games are the perfect solution! They are easy to set up and most of the supplies you already have around your house! Let’s get started!





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