Pregnancy SI Joint Pain Tips

Pregnancy SI Joint Pain Tips


The joys of pregnancy include heartburn, no sleep, pain and much more. Pregnancy SI Joint Pain Tips are what has helped me most this pregnancy.



Pregnancy SI Joint Pain Tips



I’ve always had weird back and hip pain. I have learned that the more active I am the more it helps. I would believe that it’s because of the tightening and strength of those muscles. When I am pregnant because of that relaxin hormone just everything loosens up and that has caused a lot of sacro-illiac joint pain.


Where the pelvic bone meets with the vertebrae there is a joint there, and when it shifts it can cause pain by either tightening of the muscles, or pushing on nerves. For me, it’s embarrassing, if I am out then I will be walking and get a sharp pain in my butt and then my leg gives out all dramatic like.

Sometimes it hurts so bad I don’t want to do anything. Below are some things that have helped me and I hope they can help you! Know I am not a doctor these are just things that I have found that help me!


How To Do The Butterfly Stretch: The Muscle Benefits - Protalus


Tip #1 – Stretch – Don’t tell Matt I said this because I was moody and told him his stretches he found doesn’t work, but I can definitely tell the difference. The butterfly stretch is my go to stretch because it stretches the muscles around that joint and helps relax them and helps with the pain. Any stretch that will stretch around your hip.


Prenatal Massage Table – Products Directory | Massage Magazine



Tip #2 – Prenatal Massage – Getting a massage is not only glorious to have some pampering, but will help those tight muscles that are causing that joint pain. There are a lot of massage places that offer pregnancy massages, they are worth every single penny.


How Water Works | HowStuffWorks



Tip #3 – Drinking lots of water – Water helps with a lot of things, energy, blood flow and so much more. I know you will need to go to the restroom a lot, but it seems to help with my heartburn, hip pain and energy levels.


Walk Briskly for Your Health. About 100 Steps a Minute. - The New York Times



Tip #4 – Exercise – I have found the more active I am the better I feel. I have kept up with doing squats and walking since I can’t jog any more because that hurts. I’m not saying you should do extreme exercise or anything, some people can and that’s great. I am only saying activity helps your body with pregnancy.



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