11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me

11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me


11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me

11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me

I have been pregnant 7 times, and am the proud mother of 4 beautiful children. Each pregnancy has its ups and downs, and no two pregnancies have been the same for me. There are some weird and unexpected things that can happen during this special time, and I just wish someone had warned me! These are all based on my personal experiences, and they may or may not apply to you. 😉

1- The morning sickness– Most people know about this because it’s really hard to hide. It can hit you like a sack full of bricks ANY TIME! All-day sickness is more appropriate, or ‘hangry’ sickness! If you don’t eat, you feel sick, but everything tastes disgusting. It’s a conundrum!

2- Exhaustion– This especially hit me hard with my last pregnancy. It probably because I was chasing 3 other little munchkins around all day.

3- Swelling– Oh man! All of my babies have been born in the summer, (well one was in October, but I’m counting it anyway). When it’s hot, your feet turn into huge, uncomfortable balloons of pain. With my first, it was so bad that I could leave a handprint on my foot for 5 minutes from a light squeeze! The other weird thing is, it’s not just when you’re pregnant. I actually was 3 times as swollen after I delivered my last baby. Apparently, it’s due to all the extra fluids from pregnancy having nowhere to go. I’m happy to report, my hands and feet are back to normal now though. What a relief!

4- Linea Negra– Some pregnant women get a dark line down the middle of their bellies when they are pregnant. This also doesn’t go away right after pregnancy. Mine typically stick around until I’m done breastfeeding, but I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

5- Thicker Hair/ Hair Loss– This is a double-edged sword. Your hair doesn’t fall out as much during pregnancy, so it gets all thick and beautiful, and then, suddenly you start losing handfuls of hair in the shower after you deliver your baby. This was heartbreaking for me!

6- Pregnancy Mask– This basically appears as dark spots on your face in the shape of a mask. I didn’t get it with my first two pregnancies, but it was fierce this time! I look like I gained a gazillion HUGE freckles. I’m hoping this fades quickly! Any tips are appreciated.

7-Foot growth– Okay, this is a weird one. My mom always told us that one of her feet grew during pregnancy, and I didn’t believe her…until it happened to me. My right foot is officially larger than my left and has been since I delivered my first. I can’t explain this one!

8-Night Sweats– Oh man, I’m totally feeling this one right now! I’m about 2 1/2 weeks postpartum right now, and I wash our sheets quite frequently because I wake up in a puddle every morning. I’m telling myself that I’m just cleaning out my pores and losing weight while I sleep.

9- Stretch marks– I don’t have a ton, but they don’t go away that easily, I now am the proud owner of Zebra stripes on my hips.

10- Snoring- I hate to admit this one because I like to picture myself as a sweet and delicate flower, but I get so congested when I’m pregnant, and snoring goes right along with that. My husband laughs at me.

11- Crying– It’s not just my baby crying all the time, I cry about a lot of things too. I feel they’re all justified, but maybe I’ll see things differently once the Hormones have calmed down a little! 🙂

12- Extreme JOY– I guess this doesn’t qualify as weird, but it’s amazing. Being a parent is amazing. What weird symptoms did you experience in your pregnancy? Please share in the comments. 


11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me

13 thoughts on “11 Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy 7 Really Surprised Me”

  1. I am eight months postpartum and my hair loss is still ridiculous!! I often felt like I was going through menopause with my hot flashes, ESPECIALLY while breastfeeding for the first few weeks.I couldn't wear socks (even though it was winter) and had to throw the covers off my feet or they would sweat so bad!

    1. Ugh! That is totally the worst!! Eventually the hair comes back, but it's so sad to see it go. And I am totally feeling the sweats like crazy right now. No covers, windows open, and the AC and fan on full-power!

  2. My biggest changes (outside of being completely useless during 1st trimester) is the foot size, the snoring (Hun laughs at me too!), additional linea negra's on the backs of my legs, the stretch marks, and the leaking. 🙂

  3. #5 has been awful for me!!! I'm so sick of losing hair. I get out of the shower and as my hair starts to air dry, any time I move, I can feel hairs run down my back!

    1. That is SO depressing! I remember wanting to cry each time I brushed my hair. I'm hoping it's not as bad this time around. I started taking Biotin to help with my hair growth, not sure if it helped, but it made me feel like I was doing something!

  4. haha oh man, these are all SO true! thank goodness my snoring stopped after I lost all the weight but still can't get over #7! Had to buy all new shoes after baby #2!! Which wasn't terrible…but still! hope you are feeling well!

  5. #2 was with my son, I was so tired practically the whole pregnancy. It's a good thing my hair got fuller when I was pregnant, because now I'm in my mid forties, and now it's starting to thin a little. I didn't get morning sickness, I actually had those weird food cravings, like the pickles and ice cream, except it was BigMacs, Snickers Bars (I can't stand Snickers), and a strange craving for lemons. These are all fun and it's interesting to see how everyone pregnancies are so different! Thank you for sharing at #OMHGWW! It's always a blast to party with you! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Have a beautiful rest of your week!

  6. Something to look forward too! Haha! My ankles already swell to the size of baseballs after a particularly long day at work so I can't even imagine how they'll be when pregnant! Thanks for linking up with us at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Can't wait to see you back next week!

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