Fun Preschool Engineering Activity

Preschool Engineering Activity


Here is a great Preschool Engineering Activity you can do with a 4 year old and up. My husband enjoyed it as much as my 4 year old. 


I know we have been a little MIA with preschool lately, Grey and I have still been doing it. With summer being so busy and everyone doing their own family things we have been cutting back a little. We have been saving toilet paper rolls for a few months and with some help from my mother in law.

This is a relatively easy activity you just need toilet paper rolls, blue tape, and a ball. We used Grey’s nerf gun balls, they worked great! We also used a bowl to catch the balls so they wouldn’t roll all over and under the couch!





Grey was in heaven. We started with the bottom roll and then I had Grey add one at a time and make sure the ball would go through after each roll that was added. He did really well at this and he took them down and did it multiple times.





We also have been working on tracing our name and I bought Grey an acrylic name tracing board from Russet Road Kids. They have lots of cool stuff on their site for your littles. 



Kids Activity


Frozen Animals Best Kid Activity! You know an activity is a keeper when your 15-year old still wants to do it! When Lisa was about 4 years old we started freezing animals in the water.

Lemon Volcano Easy Kid Activity! It only takes minutes to do, which we all know is a bonus when you are working with young kids.

Summer Preschool: Bug Week Day 1 and Day 2 were a success so far! Today, I’m posting more pictures and links to songs and videos we are watching.


Preschool Engineering Activity

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