Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Hello beautiful people! It’s Friday!! I’m pretty excited because we are getting ready to go to Lake Powell! I haven’t been there since I was a kid. 

I’m really excited because I have some fun products for Father’s day that your dad in your life will love! So you know the drill! Sit back, relax, kick up your feet, and grab that Diet Coke. It’s time for Kimberly’s Friday Favorites!





ekster cardholder


Don’t give your dad an ordinary wallet! Mike has been using this for the past month and loves it! 

A space-grade aluminum smart wallet built for quick access. This cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and the expandable metal backplate allows you to carry more while keeping a slim profile. 





Papaya Reusable

No more wasting paper towel after paper towel cleaning up all those messy BBQ splatters. Papaya is a forward-thinking brand that has developed a reusable paper towel making sustainability accessible to everyone –  from zero-wasters to sustainability-newbies.

No more need to hoard bulky paper towels again! Eco Facts: More than 50,000 trees are cut down every day for single-use paper towels. As they decompose, they release methane gas – a leading cause of global warming. The brand is the first to offer a subscription where customers can curate a box with their choices every two to four months, selecting from artistic designs that put plain old white paper towels and your grandma’s dish towels to shame!




Make cleaning your BBQ pit and grill a breeze by having the right green cleaning products on hand. AspenClean is all that you will need to have your grill and all your grilling equipment sparkling while keeping the kiddos, furry family, and the environment safe in the process.

Get the job done quickly, and never leave any harmful chemicals behind. The eco-friendly brand has the noteworthy distinction of being the first cleaning product to be EWG-verified.




nomadiQ is reinventing the idea of portable grills. No more lugging around a large, bulky grill or bags of charcoal. This lightweight portable grill weighs only 12 pounds while providing all the features of a full-size grill. And when the grill is folded, it is super-sleek and is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The nomadiQ Grill is the perfect grill to take anywhere, including picnics, beach, hiking, road trips, mountain climbing, fishing, hunting, boating, camping, biking, and more. It is perfect for small patios and decks, or your RV. Its compact design will fit anywhere, so you can take it anywhere.



grilling essentials bundle by brandless

Get your grill on! Complete with all of the grilling tools you’ll need, aluminum foil and reusable spice jars, this bundle has you covered for your get-together. Brandless™ was brought to life with the intention of making better stuff affordable for more people.

Their mission is rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values and that you should never have to choose between what’s good for you (not to mention your family and the planet) and what’s good for your wallet.  This bundle retails for $45 and includes: Aluminum Foil, Spice Jar – 2 count, Grill Brush, Grill Spatula, Grill Basting Brush, and Grill Tongs.



smelly proof bags

Smelly Proof reusable bags are the perfect odor-proof solution for life’s stinky moments. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or grilling in the backyard, Smelly Proof can be used to soak meats ahead of time, prep chopped ingredients or store leftovers.

The smell proof bags come in a variety of sizes and are liquid, moisture and puncture resistant. No mess, no smells! The uses of these bags are endless from camping to keeping snacks fresh on the go, you’ll only wonder what you can’t use them for. They’re also useful for meal planning and portioning. Made in the USA!



me’s way llc

Speaking of marinating, you can make a mean chimichurri sauce with Mẹ’s Way and marinate your meat or veggies the night before grilling. Mẹ’s Way is a Vietnamese style chili sauce that’s cracked the secret to a perfectly savory, sweet, and spicy condiment.

This is one of the sauces you can add to just about any meal for a tasty kick! Each jar is made in small batches by hand, with carefully picked ingredients and little-to-no preservatives. Available in Vegetarian/Vegan as well! 

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