Saloon Door Baby Gate

Saloon Door Baby Gate

Saloon Door Baby Gate! We are finally in our new house and we are so excited! First order of business was building our Saloon Door Baby Gate to match our island!


Saloon Door Baby Gate


Saloon Door Baby Gate

Greyson is on the move! We love our little one year old, He’s moving so fast now sometimes we barely save him before disaster! I am pretty high maintenance so you know I just couldn’t go buy a cheap baby gate at Walmart.


My husband had to make one that would match our house. We found one on Pinterest we thought was good looking and then added our own touch. We went and bought the stain from the company who made our cabinets so it would match our island. 

A few things we learned from this project, first, we needed to make our own measurements. Sometimes the walls aren’t straight. On a door with 2 swinging components we had to make sure that there was enough space between the two doors. 

Another thing we learned was it’s hard to find a good latch when you home make your own baby gate. We absolutely loved how it turned out!

3 thoughts on “Saloon Door Baby Gate”

  1. I like this gate. ‘Im new to your site, do you have plans for this gate? How would I get the plans if you do have them?

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