Beautiful Naked Cake

Naked Cake! It’s summertime and now let the weddings begin! Naked Cakes are all the rage! Here is a naked cake for a May wedding that I did.


Naked Cake


Naked Cake

I must say I absolutely stress over wedding cakes. Sometimes I think my husband regrets marrying me because I am literally crazy when I made cakes! I stress and stress and then he ends up finishing it.


There are perks to marrying someone who is a perfectionist. I am super grateful for my amazing husband who helps me with all my crazy projects and doesn’t get mad at me for saying yes.

When my co-worker’s cute girl told me she was getting married, I just could not say no. 



Some tricks I have learned from making this naked cake:

First, after baking your cakes always freeze them overnight before you frost them, or else you will get crumbs in the frosting.

Seconds, boil a pot of hot water, put your frosting spatula in there to heat up, and then wipe off the excess water. It will help smooth your frosting into perfection.

Third, don’t stack the cakes until you get to the reception center. Fondant cakes hold together really well. Naked cakes, not so much. This one cracked on the drive, and it was only 2 miles. I had to repair the cake there.

Last, remember naked cakes are meant to be rustic so imperfections are okay!



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