Buttercream Ruffled Wedding Cake

Buttercream Ruffled Wedding Cake

Rustic Buttercream Ruffled Wedding Cake idea! This cake is actually very easy to make but makes a huge statement. 





I was lucky enough to make a beautiful wedding cake for a beautiful young lady I used to have in my Young Women’s group (an LDS church group I was the President of).  She settled on this beautiful buttercream ruffled wedding cake and I was so glad because it’s super easy to make! 

We have a few tutorials here on Lou Lou Girls for basic cake making. Since I didn’t take pictures of the process I’ll do my best to explain…

  1. Start by lightly frosting your cake with a crumb coating, but don’t let it dry! 
  2. Use a large Wilton Rose tip to create the ruffled look. 
  3. Start at the TOP of the cake and slowly rotate the cake on a turntable while piping the frosting on. 
  4. Make sure the big part of the tip is pointing down. 
  5. Continue to overlap the layers, slowly going DOWN the cake, so there is a ruffling effect. If you start at the bottom the ruffle wouldn’t flare out. 

Easy right?! Repeat process with each tier! We topped this beautiful cake with Baby’s Breath. 



26 thoughts on “Buttercream Ruffled Wedding Cake”

  1. I saw this picture in the Merry Monday linkup for this week and HAD to click! This cake is absolutely gorgeous! So simple yet so beautiful, kudos to you!

  2. Beautiful cake! After planning and paying for my daughter’s wedding this summer I completely understand how much money can be saved by making a beautiful cake like this! Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictories

  3. I’m practicing this technique for my own 50th birthday cake. I love how yours looks but mine looked too “ruffly”. Do you think my buttercream wasn’t stiff enough or I applied too much pressure? I also think I need to make my rows tighter so that there are more of them. Thanks for any advice you can offer. I’ve got a few more days to practice.

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