May Madness

This month of May is going to be absolutely nuts! May Madness. How do you cope with school ending, testing, tryouts, and graduation? If you don’t go insane it will be a miracle.



May Madness


May Madness

I used to coach softball in the spring and I don’t know how I did it. I always was okay, but I’m not sure how. This year has been a rough one. With Grey getting sick a lot and now my cute grandpa passing away, I just keep hoping that May will calm down.

Then I remember that I am a teacher and this is the busiest time of year for me. My class is preparing to take the state anatomy test and then the end of school is always nuts. 

Here are my ways to cope with May. 

Plan ahead. If you have a student graduating, send out your graduation cards and buy your thank you cards now. Plan your vacations, have your students start checking their grades with their teachers now. The later they wait the more impatient teachers get. I would know.

Keep your house clean. I feel more stressed when my house is a mess. If I come home to a mess I want to cry. Keep up on the clutter and then you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Plan fun activities. If you plan fun activities ahead of time then you will be more likely to do them. I think that you need to keep doing fun things that relieve stress in order to not go insane. 

Enjoy every minute. I think we often get so overwhelmed and we forget to enjoy the moment. Live in the moment and enjoy the busy, the disasters and the triumphs!


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