8 Things That Only a Pregnant Teacher Will Understand

8 Things That Only a Pregnant Teacher Will Understand

I’ve now been pregnant twice during the school year. This one has been way different than the first. Which a lot of pregnant people understand. There are at least 8 things that only a pregnant teacher will understand.

8 things that only a pregnant teacher will understand

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#1 Bathroom Locations – At all times you know need to know where the nearest bathroom is. I teach in a classroom and the gym, which is great however, my scenery is always changing. When you are early in pregnancy and sick as all get out you need to know where the bathroom is located in case of an emergency puke run. Later one it’s a pee break. I plan my bathroom breaks so my bladder doesn’t explode!Snacking – the New Way of Eating

#2 Munchies – Anyone who has been pregnant understands that hunger is an unpredictable need that comes and goes at will. I have about 8 stashes of food through my classroom and office. Not to mention the office ladies who save my life daily with either crackers or pop. 

#3 Names – My husband is traditional and he hates names that are different, which already makes it hard. Then as a teacher, we truly love all our students, but some names are hard to use after having students who had bad behavior or even weird quirks. Also, some kids that have names that are unique and they make me absolutely love the name, Matt usually hates because it’s “too” different. Which is usually the case.Image result for morning sickness"

#4 Morning Sickness to New Heights – Teaching is great, I absolutely love my job. I teach Anatomy and PE! Morning sickness is a challenge I never thought could be worse. My Anatomy class we dissect, chicken, eyes, hearts, and lungs. Not to mention my classroom is near the cafeteria, the smells kill me! Now for PE, we work hard, and we sweat a lot. I find myself reminding everyone to make sure they take their clothes home over the weekend more and more. Also, the perfume that smells good, also gets me!

#5 Lesson Plans – I hate leaving lesson plans. I actually hate having subs. I would rather go to school sick and almost dying then get a sub. This is going to be quite an experience for me. Finding someone who can handle teaching Anatomy and PE both is a daunting task. I think I have found the perfect sub this time! Trying to leave them accurate directions of everything they will need to know is painstakingly hard.


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#6 Comfort trumps Looking Good – It’s at times like these I am so grateful to be a PE teacher. I don’t really care what a bunch of high school kids think, but it’s nice that I can wear workout clothes and still look professional.

#7 Kiss your Personal Bubble Goodbye – High school kids are awesome about almost everything, but it’s like once you’re pregnant they feel like they can be all up in your business. Teenage girls are constantly touching my belly to feel the baby move. Like at random times, not sure why all of a sudden they feel like this is okay? I never let them touch me, in fact, I am awkward about a lot of things, especially physical touch. Image result for kids have No filter"

#8 Kids say the weirdest things – High school kids will ask you if your pregnant or you could look super pregnant and they won’t ask. Then they ask if they can babysit, and then they offer to name your baby. They also ask if it’s weird or if you’re scared to have a baby. There is never a shortage of entertainment on what they will say.

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  1. I was working as a nurse aide while pregnant in 1989 – 1990. The smell of the floor cleaner made me even more nauseated than the smells the human body is capable of producing. Also, while I normally like Chinese food, I couldn’t even stand the smell of it while pregnant.

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