Best Father’s Day Gifts That Your Man Will Actually LOVE!

Best Father’s Day Gifts That Your Man Will Actually LOVE

Best Father’s Day Gifts That Your Man Will Actually LOVE! I was just watching the Today show this morning and they were talking about Father’s day gifts. They had a great assortment of steals and deals but when they asked the host if her guy would like them, she said “no”. Don’t get me wrong, I have bought my husband several of these items, and a lot of times they NEED that shirt or shaving kit but they don’t love it!


Over here at the Lou Lou Girls, we have a lot of dads with strong opinions on what they would like to get for Father’s day, and it always surprises me what they want.  In my attempt to hopefully helping you out, I have made a list of gifts that are cool and easy to find and your man will love!


Wireless Earbuds- Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones- $199

This would be perfect for the gym, mowing the lawn or when he’s trying to get a run in. You can find them at They will last for years unless you steal them!

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager– Amazon $139.99

I actually bought one of these for my mother in law for Christmas and my daughter for her birthday. I highly recommend it! Even your man gets achy feet and wants to be pampered!

Levi’s Hawaiian Shirt-$59

These shirts went from “tacky dad” status to stylish- it’s up to you to make sure he’s up to date on the trend! Find it at Urban Outfitters 


Waterpik– $69

Okay, this might seem weird but a few months ago, my hubby suggested that we get one of these and he has just loved it! Find It at Amazon and it’s Prime!


Portable Hammock– $38.95- Amazon

My son, Zac, first introduced us to the portable hammock a few years ago. It’s great if you are going camping or just for a picnic up in the mountains. Easy to throw in the back of the car!  Tons of colors to choose from! You can find it on Amazon and it’s Prime!

Collapsible Chipping Net- $24.99 to $50.88- Amazon

This collapsible net is perfect for any dad that loves golf. They can practice their chip shot because it lets him take aim like a Skee-Ball game. You can find it on Amazon, price depends on what seller you go with.


Old School Tool Box– $41- Wayfair

It seems like everything old is new again! Perfect for your own home improvement guy! It’s at Wayfair!

Hot Sauce Subscription- $120 for 1 year-

I don’t know if they really like things hot or if it’s a competition to see who is the manliest, but they love their hot sauce! This would be so fun to get a quarterly delivery of hot sauce!


Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set– $50- Amazon Prime

We all know that dad’s love toys! This is the perfect way to channel some physical energy while engaging in some healthy competition!

A GPS/ Dash Cam- Garmin Speaker Plus– $180- Amazon Prime

Garmin’s device will record his trips while Alexa gives him directions, checks the traffic, and controls the entertainment. Safe and savvy, for the dad who’s always behind the wheel.

Glerups Unisex Model b Slipper– $89.95- Amazon

Every dad needs to be comfy! These oddly stylish Danish wool slippers will fit the bill!



Sous Vide Tool– $199- Amazon Prime

My son, Zac, has wanted one of these forever and even made a DIY version. If your not familiar with this tool, it cooks meat to perfection, so your dad can make himself a steak worthy of any 5-star restaurant. The men in my family love to cook!

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard- $220-

Azio’s Bluetooth keyboard has that old-school look of a typewriter, featuring mechanical switches under the keys, but with the tech to keep up with dad’s work!

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable(10 ft) Durable and Fast Charging Cable- $18- Amazon Prime

This 10 Foot baby is virtually indestructible!

Yeti Cooler– $200- Amazon Prime

My son in law wants one of these so bad! This is the top of the line cooler for any dad that wants to make sure everything stays super cold! It’s incredibly durable, for wherever he wants to drag it!


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