Coupon Cabin

When you have a husband who is really good with his money and he finds ways to get free stuff, you just roll with it! Check out Coupon Cabin it is quickly becoming my favorite website.

Coupon Cabin

Matt is all about the coupons. I have no idea how he finds all these cool sites, but this one is quickly becoming my favorite ever. The first thing that got us hooked was when Matt got $75 back on a $75 dollar purchase at Men’s Warehouse. He bought himself some jeans and then we got a $75 dollar gift card to Carter’s. We both love to shop for Grey and so it seemed like a no brainer. Since we have discovered Coupon Cabin we have had over $150 in Carter’s gift cards. Let’s just say our kid is the best dressed kid in town.

They have the best online deals with coupons and then in 2014 they launched the cash back program and if gives you a promo code that gives you cash back through clicks. You can earn cash back from top retailers including Target, Macy’s, Nike, Carter’s and Home Depot, or you can ear cash in the form of a check, Paypal or an Amazon gift card. 


They explain it best, so here’s how you can earn cash back from coupon cabin.

  • Codes guaranteed to work. CouponCabin guarantees its promo codes. If a customer comes across a coupon that doesn’t work, they receive a $25 gift card to
  • Unlimited cash back. In addition to saving money, online shoppers can earn cash back when they make a purchase at over 3,000 popular stores.
  • Higher, faster, better. CouponCabin offers some of the highest cash back rates available to online shoppers. Instead of sending out a check at the end of the quarter, CouponCabin processes cash back payments on a daily basis.
  • Real-time savings alerts. CouponCabin Sidekick, a browser plug-in, notifies shoppers of available coupons and cash back opportunities while they’re shopping online.
  • Strong store relationships. CouponCabin works directly with retailers in negotiating better discounts and higher cash back rates to provide an even greater savings experience.

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