5 Tips for a Last Minute Vacation

5 Tips for a Last Minute Vacation

If you’re experiencing the Winter blues get yourself somewhere warm with these 5 tips for a last minute vacation! You won’t regret it!


5 tips for a last minute vacation

5 tips for a last minute vacation

We recently went to St. George, Utah for a somewhat last minute vacation and because the temperature was 65 degrees it did wonders for my winter blues! I love taking last minute vacations because they are so much fun. Here are my 5 tips to make your last minute vacation as stress free and fun as you could ever imagine!



Use Hotel Tonight! I love this app!! It has last minute deals on Hotels all over the United States. You can actually book through Hotel Tonight up to 100 days in advance, but if you wait until about 3 pm the day of, you can often find some mind blowing rates! If you book in advanced though, you’re still going to find some great prices. We have used this app many, many times! Plus, you can use my ***PROMO CODE*** ALEWIS86 and you’ll receive $25 off your first booking (and I will too!!)



Have An Adventure Fund: Even if this isn’t in a jar (but you can get this one on Amazon!!), I like to always replenish a $200-$300 adventure fund in our bank account for last minute getaways. Once we use it, we can’t go again until we figure out how to replenish, but I’m always surprised how motivated I am. It’s one of the reasons I blog!



Get Your Home Life Organized. I know this may be a weird thing on this list, but I actually hated traveling until I really took some time and organized my house. (By reading the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up of course!) Now I feel so much less stress and am excited to get out and experience new things!



 Invest in some good air mattressesOkay, so the one’s I’ve linked to aren’t too much of an investment because guess what?? They are only $25!!! They self inflate when plugged in so they are amazing for everything from hotels to crashing at friends houses. Get one here on Amazon!



JUST. GO. Stop reading this, and just go. It is good for the soul! For reals!! Okay but if you absolutely can’t, then my next advice is to at the very least, make a playlist full of Road Trip worthy songs and blast it until you feel like you’re on vacation.


How often do you take off on a last minute vacation??





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  1. Embarking on a last-minute vacation? Here are 5 tips to make it a breeze. First and foremost, consider the convenience and comfort of a well-appointed vacation rental. With flexibility, competitive pricing, and a homely atmosphere, choosing the right rental can turn a spontaneous getaway into a memorable experience. At Bliss By The Sea Retreat, we’re ready to cater to your last-minute escape, offering a luxurious haven for those seeking relaxation at a moment’s notice. Because even spontaneous adventures deserve a touch of indulgence.

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