Fun Santa Letter Free Printable

Santa Letter Free Printable

Have your kids written a Santa letter yet? If not, here’s a Santa Letter free printable for you!


Santa Letter free printable

Santa Letter free printable

Black Friday is almost upon us! Have your kids written their Santa lists yet? I know there are a lot of opinions about Black Friday and how it is leaking into Thanksgiving. I kind of agree but I also think it’s kind of fun. I never was the type of person who enjoyed shopping until I had kids. Now I think it is so fun to pick out stuff for them! I think it’s fun to get out and see crazy deals. My sister and I usually go together, and although we don’t go super early, we still find some great deals!


That being said, I had to make sure my 3 year old wrote his letter to Santa early! I really like this Santa letter because it helps them choose one item that they REALLY want, and then put some other toys in their Santa letter that I can let anyone else know buying them presents that they’d like them. I also like the something they want, need, wear, read approach, so I put that on this Santa letter template too. 

DOWNLOAD Santa Letter – Free Printable HERE

Do you have your kids write a letter to Santa? I’d love to hear what you do! Comment below!





24 thoughts on “Fun Santa Letter Free Printable”

  1. That Santa Letter Template is too cute! I remember when I had to show my little one how to make one and I went through this whole production of ‘mailing’ and having her receive a Santa letter back. Oh those were the days that I miss!

  2. I don’t have children, but I love this idea. It sure beats circling items in the Sears Wishbook like I used to do! LOL! My poor Mom! I’ve pinned it for my nephew because it’s such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love letters to Santa from the kids. They’re fun to read and really adorable. There’s so much to look forward to on Black Friday! Too many deals to take advantage of.

  4. I love this! How fun it would be to sit down one night and all write our letters. Back “in the day” we used to write the letter and then burn it in the fireplace so that the letter would magically get transported to Santa. I wish I had those letters back!

  5. My son would like this printable. He keeps randomly throwing things at me that he wants. It would be much better for him to have a legit list. šŸ˜‰

  6. What a great idea! I keep asking my kids what they want for Christmas but to have it written out like this would be a big help.I bet they would have a lot of fun doing it too.

  7. It will be so helpful to have a real and organized list from my kids and my nephews. I have heard random things from them but it is impossible to remember.

  8. What a cute Santa letter template! One of my favorite traditions growing up was writing my letters to Santa: one with my list and another to go with his cookies on Christmas Eve!

  9. Awww too cute. My mom would do this for us kids when we were young and still believed in Santa It was such a nice gesture I like this printable version. SO cool. Thanks!

  10. Kids’ excitement during the holidays makes shopping so much fun. It’s nice to let them give you or Santa an idea of what goodies they want. It also makes shopping much easier because are a lot of different toys and tech to choose from.

  11. This is great ladies, thank you so much! Iā€™m going to print it out for my grandkids, they love writing Santa every year!

  12. Oh!! This is such a great idea. Santa letter printable is so cute. I will let my niece and nephew know about this. and give them a sample print.

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