Santa Soda, Give Santa something different this year!



I can’t believe it, but Christmas is less than a week away! Which means we’re thinking of what we’re going to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve! My kids want to try something new this year. They want to leave Santa this Santa Soda, instead of milk and cookies. They think Santa probably needs something different since he gets the same thing at every home. I agree, this Santa Soda is delicious, and I know for a fact that Santa will LOVE it!


We recently discovered this delicious Coffee Mate Coconut Cream Creamer at our local WalMart. And since we don’t drink coffee, we enjoy it in Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper and Red Cream Soda! SO SO GOOD! It’s not healthy, but it’s the holidays so live a little! 
Just add 3 tablespoons of Coconut Cream to your Red Cream Soda and you’re good to go! It’s delicious with pebble ice, or a large scoop of fresh snow, if you have any. 😉

Santa is so excited to come to our house now! I bet we’ll get extra presents! 😉


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4 thoughts on “Santa Soda, Give Santa something different this year!”

  1. I just love your Santa Soda, it looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great holiday season!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

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