Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall Reveal – Artis Wall

Reclaimed Wood Wall Reveal – Artis Wall! My husband and I love reclaimed wood walls but I was super hesitant to do one because they look like so much work. That was until we found Artis Wall! With their removable wall decor they gave us the easiest reclaimed wood wall ever!


Reclaimed Wood Wall Reveal - Artis Wall

Reclaimed Wood Wall Reveal – Artis Wall

I was shocked when I found a product like Artis Wall’s because it is so easy to install and yet it looks like it belongs in a showroom! It uses special velcro strips to attach to the walls! It is easy to put up AND remove! (You can see us installing it live here.)


This was the fastest home decor project I’ve ever done because I didn’t have to spend a ton of time measuring and planning. If I wanted to change out a piece of wood for another I just simply unstuck it from the velcro. If I didn’t put the velcro on right, I just peeled it from the wall (with absolutely no damage to the paint) and re-stuck it. It really is an amazing system. 



Putting up a reclaimed wood wall in our kitchen is just the beginning to our rustic modern look. (You can see a video of the final product shot live here) I always struggled with interior design until – lucky for me – my brother married an interior designer! The best advice my sister-in-law has given me is to start with the things that will be permanent and then focus on your needs. I had tried “decorating” the walls of our house before but it never felt like things were coming together. We knew we wanted a reclaimed wall but weren’t ready to commit to it until we felt like we figured out what we wanted. It turns out, design works the opposite. Now that we have the wall up, I feel like I know exactly how to decorate.  




I love the texture and color that our reclaimed wood wall adds to our kitchen. It creates a really cozy cabin mixed with fine art sort of feeling. It creates a statement about our style, and like I said before, makes it so much easier for me to find what I want for our house because it is so bold. 



I also love that every photo I take in front of it looks amazing! It has been really great for blogging, as well as just snapping photos of my kids. My three year old knows that if he does something cute I’m going to take a picture of him, and if I’m going to take a picture of him, it’s going to be in front of the wood wall!



I was super impressed Artis Wall’s quality and ease of use. The reclaimed wood came packaged really well and it was a breeze to get started. I loved that I was able to install it myself, and that the quality of the wood was what you would expect in a showroom. I finally feel like we can invite people over for dinner because we have something cool on the walls! I feel like our home is finally starting to come together!


What do you think?? 





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