Disney’s Cars Themed Cake

Disney’s Cars Themed Cake

Disney’s Cars Themed Cake! My little babe is two!! He is obsessed with Cars so of course, I gave him a cars themed birthday. I wanted to keep it low-key since he’s only two, and it was so close to Christmas.
Disney's Cars Themed Cake



I created an invitation in Illustrator and then rather than print it out, just emailed it to myself and texted it to the party people!




Cassie and Jessica helped me with the cake because this was pretty much my first cake ever, and they are cake-making masters! My mom always made us really awesome cakes as kids, so I wanted to try them, but baking isn’t really one of my talents. 



The cake is made out of two vanilla box cakes, but Cassie had me add a pack of vanilla pudding to each cake so that they would be heavier.

Before I put the cakes into their baking dishes I coated the dishes with flour and Crisco so that I could easily dump them out. Once they were finished I put one on top of the other and put them in the freezer so that they would be hard while we frosted. 



The next day we cut the two and frosted the cake. We put on a thin layer of white frosting, then added the colored frosting. We piped on the racing stripes and the decorative red trim.

It was pretty quick and Cooper loved it. Especially the cars on top. Those only lasted about 10 minutes when he saw the cake in the morning because I couldn’t help but let him play with them. He wouldn’t stop saying “cars! cars!” all morning.

Good luck with baking your next cake!! 




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