Top 6 Gifts for Graduates

You have a bunch of graduation announcements in the mail and you have no clue what to get them. Here are a few ideas of things you get those seniors. Top 6 Gifts for Graduates!

It’s that time of year! School is coming to a close, here at my high school the Seniors only have 7 more school days. That means you should see an influx of Senior Graduation announcements in your mailbox. With my sister being a senior this year it actually got me to thinking what should I get her? She’s one of my very best friends and I want her to feel my love! These were the top ideas I came up with with, my top 6 Gifts for Graduates!

  1. Money – Now if it’s one of those things either where you don’t know the Senior that well or you don’t have time, every kid will love and appreciate cash. That may sound awful, but that is an easy route to go.
  2. Moving out basket – My mom has given out things before of things you’ll need when you move out. Depending on what you want to spend you could fill a laundry basket or hamper with some of the following items: towels, dishes, hangers, treats, laundry stuff, cookware, bed sheets, or whatever your little heart tells you.
  3. Electronics –  Kids are constantly using phones and laptops, and they will continue to use them all the time in college. You can purchase them a laptop, new phone, or even a portable charger.
  4. Gas Cards – It’s their last Hoorah before college but they need to save their money for moving out and tuition. Gas Cards can allow them to go on a little road trip with their buddies before they have to grow up.
  5. Quilt or Blanket – My grandma Beverly always gives us a quilt or blanket for graduation, and it is one of my most favorite things I get. You can do a t-shirt quilt out of the Seniors t-shirts or just any kind of blanket will do. 
  6. An Adventure – A few years ago Matt’s brother graduated and I got him an indoor skydiving pass. He loved it! Other things you could get them, top golf gift card, indoor go cart racing pass, an escape room and list goes on!


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