Easy 5 Outdoor Cooking Hacks

5 Outdoor Cooking Hacks

Here are 5 outdoor cooking hacks that will help you this Summer!


5 outdoor cooking hacks

I’m pretty excited about the Spring weather we had this weekend! The whole weekend was beautiful. We had our first outdoor cooking experience, and I swear, nothing can beat the taste of something cooked outdoors. We have our list of staples that we need every time we entertain and Nestlé® Pure Life®’s water bottles are always at the top of the list. so before we can begin, we have to stop by Walmart and then the fun can begin! 


5 outdoor cooking hacks

As shoppers, we are receiving a great value by getting 3 more bottles for the same price as the 32 pack! You can find Nestle products at Walmart online, but make sure to visit the store for the 35 pk! Pure Life is re-launching in mid-May and will have new packaging. Be on the lookout for a refreshed packaging from Nestle this upcoming May at a store near you!

If this version of Nestle Pure Life is not available in your local Walmart, please ask a store manager about getting the product in your area.

I’m always looking for ways to make it easier to cook outdoors so I can enjoy my guests and clean up can turn to be a breeze. 

Keep the bugs out of your drink by using a cupcake liner to cover the top!

You can put your condiments and toppings in a cupcake pan to make it easier for your guests.


Spice up your lemonade! Slice a few lemons and lightly roast them on the grill. You can add them to your Pure Life water or you can use them in your favorite lemonade recipe!

Keep your hands clean, put your fruit on sticks! Great for kids and adults alike!

Fill balloons with water, freeze and then use them to keep your water bottles nice and cold!

So let the fun begin! What is your favorite outdoor cooking hack? I would love to hear from you!


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