Easy Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks! My kids are out of school this Friday and I’m pretty excited to start the fun activities! We do a lot of camping but we do tons of family dinners in the mountains. I love to find hacks that make life easier and make our experiences more pleasant!

Camping Hacks


Camping Hacks

Handkerchief: This can be used for so many things from a sweat guard, sun shield, napkin, headband, wash cloth and the list goes on!


Fast Breakfast: Before you leave home, crack your eggs and add seasoning into a wide-mouthed water bottle or a plastic jar before placing them into the cooler. At camp, shake them up for scrambled eggs. Now you don’t have to worry about breaking your eggs and making room for the egg carton!

Doritos: If you can’t find in kindling to start your fire, break out the chips! They work!

Sage: Make a couple of bundles of sage so you can burn them in your campfire. It will keep away the bugs!

Shoe RackTie a plastic shoe rack to a tree at your campsite! It can hold everything you need!

Activity KitWe have made an activities kit for years! It will entertain the kids as well as the adults.

Pocket ShowerI just saw this online and I think it has to be a “must” item!

Tin Can GrillYou won’t have to bring your big grill to cook on and you can throw it away later.

Foam Floor TilesDo you have a hard time sleeping in your tent because the ground is bumpy? Put down some cheap and easy tiles for the ultimate comfort!

Glow SticksAdd glow sticks to bottles to use for mood lighting and light the paths to tents and bathrooms.


Happy Camping!

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