Fishy Adventure

Fishy Adventure

Fishy Adventure! A couple of weeks ago we went on our very own Fishy Adventure. I never knew how popular the idea would be!

Fishy Adventure


Fishy Adventure

Mother’s day is so hard! It’s hard to come up with awesome idea’s for gifts. My mom has always given the best gifts my entire life. Andie called me with the idea for a pedicure, which mom would love except it wasn’t exotic enough. As Matt and I sat there trying to come up with a cool idea, Matt mentioned a fish pedicure. First of all I thought, that sounds creepy, little fish eating your dead skin? Second, I thought, I hate anything and anyone touching my feet. Last, I thought, that’s perfect!

Just different enough it could be fun with a girls day! So Lisa, Andie and I offered it to my mom as a girls day! Well when we told grandma and Amber what we were doing, surprisingly they wanted to come too! They only offer this at one place in Utah, at the Layton Hill Mall. The place is called SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, you can go online here to schedule your 15 minute fish spa session! It’s 15 dollars and it was super fun!

As you can see above and below, we were a little sure about putting our feet in the water. It was funny, because Mom, Lisa and Grandma put their feet right in the water! Andie, Amber and I, were kind of chickens about it! At first it tickled and then it just vibrated your feet. 

The worker explained to us how it all worked and why the fish do what they do.

We took Cooper and Haden and they thought it was super fun to pet the stingrays and to touch the starfish. This was a super fun adventure and then after we went out to lunch!

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