Artis Wall – Easiest Reclaimed Wood Wall Ever!

Artis Wall – Easiest Reclaimed Wood Wall Ever!

My husband and I love reclaimed wood walls but I was super hesitant to of do one because they look like so much work. That was until we found Artis Wall! With their removable wall decor they gave us the easiest reclaimed wood wall ever!


Artis Wall - Easiest Reclaimed Wood Wall Ever!

Artis Wall – Easiest Reclaimed Wood Wall Ever!

I am not a handy person at all, and I’ve pretty much sworn off DIY for a while because it stresses me out. (Don’t worry, the other three Lou Lou Girls are the best DIY people I know! There will still be plenty of DIY here to go around.) I don’t do power tools, and I barely do a glue gun. My husband on the other hand, is super handy, but I sometimes feel like I’m living in his shadow in the home decor department because he builds everything himself, (see amazing rustic art statue below) and/or hangs up anything I buy. I was shocked when I found a product like Artis Wall’s because it is so easy to install and yet it looks like it belongs in a showroom!




Why is Artis Wall so easy you ask? Well let me wow you! It uses special velcro strips to attach to the walls! It is easy to put up AND remove! (You can see us installing it live here.) This was the fastest home decor project I’ve ever done because I didn’t have to spend a ton of time measuring and planning. If I wanted to change out a piece of wood for another I just simply unstuck it from the velcro. If I didn’t put the velcro on right, I just peeled it from the wall (with absolutely no damage to the paint) and re-stuck it. It really is an amazing system. 



Artis Wall is a new product from their parent company, Waddell Mfg Co.  At Waddell they have been manufacturing quality wood products since 1879, and from what we can tell, they know a thing or two about wood.  They have a lot of wood options from Premium Brown (which is what we used) to White Washed. They also just came out with stone, which is made from paper-laminate composite materials. Yes, I will be finding a place for it in our house! From what we experienced, their wood is spot on in color from the images on their website, but you can also order samples to try out as well. 



Another thing I liked about Artis Wall’s reclaimed wood is that each piece comes from a real place, and therefore has a real story. On the back of each piece is a code that you can plug in to their website and read about your wood! Ours came from a barn in Oregon. As a very sentimental person I really like this! 



I was super impressed with the quality and ease of use. The reclaimed wood came packaged really well and it was a breeze to get started. I loved that I was able to install it myself, and that the quality of the wood was what you would expect in a showroom. I finally feel like we can invite people over for dinner because we have something cool on the walls! It also goes really well with our barnwood door. I feel like our home is finally starting to come together!





What do you think?? As you know I am an ameteur decorator. Should we leave the wall blank or put something on it? Someone suggested a boxwood wreath, but I can’t decide! Any ideas?





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