Farmhouse Fall Wreath

Farmhouse Fall Wreath

Farmhouse Fall Wreath! I love simple décor. I love the farmhouse look! I went online to find the perfect wreath, but I could not find what I wanted, in my price range. So, I decided to take matter into my own hands and made my own Farmhouse Fall wreath!



Farmhouse Fall Wreath


When I was searching for ideas oh what I wanted I saw tons of wreaths, but none were quite my style. A lot of wreaths I thought were ridiculously priced. I decided to make my own farmhouse wreath.

I had to get my stuff from two different websites and get them delivered to not only get a good price but to get what I wanted.


Farmhouse Fall Wreath

I found the pumpkins, the ribbon and the hello on The rest of the stuff I got at Hobby Lobby. They had the best prices and everything I needed. Now, when I bought the pumpkins I had to buy 12 to get the ones that I wanted.

I decided I could incorporate them in another place in the house decor. I had tons of extra ribbon, but I love having lots of ribbon. and everything else I used up.



My mom kept telling me the bigger the wreath the better. Well, I listened. This wreath is a 24″ wreath and I’m glad I went that big and I could have even gone bigger and still been happy.

Since we got 9 foot ceilings in our house our door is an extra foot taller. The bigger wreath makes it look proportional. 



As far as the making of the wreath, I used hot glue and green wreath wire. The bow, oh my gosh the bow! I watched 10 bow tutorials on After the tenth lady explaining the same thing, and a lot of cussing; I think it finally clicked. I love how it turned out! 

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