3 Tips for Disney With Young Kids

3 Tips for Disney With Young Kids

These 3 Tips for Disney With Young Kids are going to be your best friend! They’ll help keep it the happiest place on earth for all ages!




3 Tips for Disney With Young Kids

3 Tips for Disney With Young Kids

My family went to Disneyland last week and it was as magical and amazing as ever taking my own kids! I was super nervous though because I am the only one in my family with kids so far. I know Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but a crying one year old that needs a nap can really put a damper on the experience.


I wanted to make sure my siblings didn’t feel like my kids were slowing them down, and I also wanted to enjoy the experience myself. As it turns out, my siblings loved that our kids were with us because

1. Kids at Disneyland = soooo much magic!! and

2. They kept us jumping through lines with Disney’s child swap program. It was awesome!



Child Swap: By now you’ve probably heard or used a Fast Pass. Basically you get to swipe your ticket and “save” your spot in line so that you can go on other rides and come back at a designated time to skip ahead and go straight on the ride. Well add another bonus if you have kids that can’t ride the ride because the workers will give you a child swap pass to take three people back through the fast pass line. How we got the most out of this was we would fast pass the big rides, even fast passing with my three year old’s ticket who couldn’t ride the ride. Then we’d get the child swap pass as half our party would use their fast pass. This way, almost everyone got to ride the ride twice without waiting in line!



1 Treat 1 Toy: I am writing this here so that next time we go to Disneyland I remember to make this rule and tell my kids about it. My 3 year old wanted to buy EVERYTHING we saw from candy to toys and it was soo hard to say no! They have a lot of really cool toys and treats in Disneyland but the price can really add up. Next time we go I want to make it clear beforehand that he can pick 1 toy and 1 treat. 



One Park at A Time: Disneyland is right across from California Adventures and if you have little boys, you have to go to CA for Cars land! My son was basically losing his mind meeting Lightning Mcqueen. There are park hopper passes where you can hop back and forth between parks but trust me, you’re going to want to just do one at a time. There is so much to do in both parks.


My kids did really well and it was so so magical. I want to go back!!! Have fun on your vacation!


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