DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher

DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher

This cute little DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher was a hit in my son’s pre-school! It is really easy and entertaining for your little kids to help you make. 


DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher

DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher

In my neighborhood, we do a “play school” once a week for the kids that were almost pre-school age but didn’t quite make the cut. It was my turn last week and I of course was trying to come up with something at the last minute.


My letter for the day was “W” so I thought why not make something like a watermelon. This was really easy and the kids loved squishing it around! They also felt really special that we hung them in the window. Kids are cute.



DIY Watermelon Sun Catcher


  1. Ziploc baggies
  2. Clear hair gel
  3. Red food coloring
  4. Black Felt
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape




  1. Cut little “seeds” out of the black felt.
  2. Poor a Tbs of hair gel into a Ziploc bag and add food coloring. 
  3. Next put in your seeds.
  4. Zip the bag shut, fold it over a few times, and secure it with tape.
  5. Let your toddler squish it around until the color is fully mixed. 
  6. Hang it in a window to let it catch the sun!


Does anyone have any other great “W” themed activities? I’d love to hear them!



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