Fun Easter Chicks and Bunny Crafts

Easter Chicks and Bunny Crafts

Easter Chicks and Bunny Crafts! It’s Spring Break, which means there’s plenty of time for fun crafts like these Easter Surprise Crafts. They’re a little time-consuming, but they’re so fun to make, and they even have a surprise inside! 
Easter Chicks and Bunny Crafts
You could make these for your kids for their Easter morning surprise, or you can have the kids help you and you could deliver these to friends or neighbors! 

Easter Chicks and Bunny Crafts


Here’s what you’ll need…

  • balloons
  • candy
  • newspaper
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • Tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrushes
  • craft glue
  • googly eyes
  • pink, white, and orange card stock
  • cotton ball
  • Pink and black marker


Start by stuffing your balloons with treats. Be careful not to rip the balloon!


Blow up your balloon with the treats inside and tie it off. You decide how big you want it.
Put your kids to work cutting newspapers into strips. 
Combine your flour and water mixture with a whisk. It should make a thin paste, add water as needed. Dip strips of newspaper into the flour mixture and cover the balloons completely with one coat. 
Allow the balloon to dry overnight. You can do another coating if you want it to be tougher, we only did one, and felt like it was strong enough. 
Once your balloon is dry, Mod Podge crumpled tissue paper onto your balloons. White for a bunny and yellow for a chick.  You could paint them at this point. We painted our Easter Eggs and tissue papered the bunny and chick.  







Cut an orange triangle for the beak of the chick, fold it in half and got glue it onto your chicken. 

Add the googly eyes with hot glue. Cut out some orange feet with paper and add them with hot glue too.

For the Bunny, Fold a piece of white card stock in half and free-hand some long skinny bunny ears. 



Repeat the process with pink paper, and glue it onto the white. Hot glue the ears to the bunny head. Just fold over the bottom part of the ear, about half an inch, and glue it there. 
Add a pink nose with paper, and use a marker to draw a smile and whiskers. 
I let my kids paint their eggs however they wanted. When you’re done, just cut open the egg and discard the balloon! You have a hidden treat inside!! 



I promise, your kids will love this fun craft, and they’ll love cracking it open to find their surprise even more!

Jessica 🙂







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  1. What great fun to make Eater decorations, so fun when theres little ones around.
    We are featuring you this week on the #OMHGWW hope you can stop by and share other posts.
    Pinned to share!!
    Have a great week!

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