Easy Valentine Quick Gifts

Valentine Quick Gifts

Valentine Quick Gifts! I can’t believe that it is almost Valentine’s day! It’s one of my favorite holidays because my cute Andie was born on this day! I love to give little gifts to my younger girls and I also have 6 grandkids and it’s important that I find something special for each and every one of them.  


It’s really hard to find things for little boys that don’t look girly and I love to give unique gifts that let my loved ones know how much I really care. This is why I came up with a few Valentine’s quick gifts that you can make yourself without breaking the bank!



Valentine Quick Gifts



Valentine Quick Gifts

Love Bugs!

Grab a can of spray paint. Throw a coat of paint on a bag of Dollar store bugs! Add a little heart sticker and “Presto”, you have a bunch of love bugs for those cute little boys that you want to do is squeeze their cheeks!




Valentine Frames!

I found these cute wood frames at Walmart and sprayed them with chalkboard paint. You can add a picture of your Valentine or find a paper with a cute print. Since it’s chalkboard paint you can leave messages all month long, telling them just how much you love them!




Rockin’ Dinosaurs!

I have a cute little 3-year-old Valentine that absolutely loves dinosaurs! I know he would rather receive a dinosaur from his grandma instead of a cutesy stuffed animal! Again, super easy, spray those bad boys that you can find at the Dollar Store with gold paint, and tattoo them with a heart sticker, and your Valentine will love you forever! 





Glitter Fingernail Polish

Glitter fingernail polish can be so expensive, so why don’t you make your own? Another shout out to the Dollar store! Grab some clear polish, dump out a 1/4 of the polish, and add your favorite glitter. Shake the bottle and your little princess will be ready for the ball!





Valentine Coasters!

Surprise that special someone with personalized coasters! Grab some wood pieces, stencil on a heart, and show your love with a message on top!






DIY Easy Toddler Valentine’s Craft






20 thoughts on “Easy Valentine Quick Gifts”

  1. I just think those dinosaurs are the cutest ever! It’s great to give little gifts for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s not to a significant other.

  2. Omg I love the idea of a DIY glitter nail polish, that sounds like it would make a great party favorite or gifts for little girls at school. Such fun ideas here!

  3. So many fun ideas. My girls love nail polishes, and I was thinking of doing up something fun for them with Nail Polishes this year!

  4. These gifts are so fun. The love bugs and the confetti nail polish are just too cute. I much prefer homemade Valentine’s gifts. They really do a great job of representing the holiday of love.

  5. I love these cute little ideas! I am big on giving my kids little gifts for Valentine’s Day! After all, they are my Valentines!

  6. These are some really cute and simple ideas. I have a hard time coming up with Valentine’s gifts ideas and you have given me some inspiration for sure!

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