Easy DIY LOVE Art for Valentines

DIY LOVE Art for Valentines!

 DIY LOVE Art for Valentines




It’s almost LOVE month! When I think about Valentines Day I don’t just think of my hubby, I think a lot about my 4 little munchkins! I LOVE them so much and holidays are SO much better now that we have them around to celebrate with. A few years ago I started doing this LOVE art with them. It’s a fun way to see how much they’re growing each year. I just keep the old hand prints in the back of the frame so I can compare each year. 

DIY LOVE Art for Valentines

Here’s how we did it this year. I had my oldest form the L with his thumb and pointer finger. I only painted that part of his hand and pressed it down with a flat hand. 

 Obviously the O is my daughters whole hand. If you don’t have 4 kids, you could use a cut-out heart for the O. It’s up to you, just get creative! I also added a little bow.


The little V is fun because my baby’s feet were small enough to use in these particular frames. I love little baby footprints! I just lined the top and bottom with ribbon!



I used my oldest daughters 3 middle fingers for the E. I just had her spread them apart, painted them. Then we painted her pointer finger again to make the back of the E.


This project is super thrifty. The frames were on sale for $4 each, the ribbon was $1 and I already had the paint. You could go even cheaper if you already have frames!

I love thrifty projects!



11 thoughts on “Easy DIY LOVE Art for Valentines”

  1. What a cute idea to save those little feet and hands. Wish we had blogging when my kids were growing up. Love all of your ideas that you share.
    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday,

  2. I love making fun and fabulous decorations for special occasions so I am so delighted that you shared your DIY LOVE Art for Valentines! with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! I'm pinning and sharing! All the best, Deborah

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