Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable! This cleaning schedule is a great way to keep yourself on task if you’re a housework hater like me! 


Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

Now that my baby is 11 months old and on a little bit of a schedule I feel like I’m running out of legitimate excuses for the state of my house. Since I am a housework hater, it is very easy for me to procrastinate cleaning, so I made myself a chart to help keep me on task. 


I really like the idea of breaking it down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks because it helps me not feel overwhelmed, and it helps me make sure I’m keeping up with the easily overlooked tasks. 


I also really love this quote: “Keep your house clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy”. It is easy for me to feel overwhelmed when I think about keeping the house perfectly spotless, because with two kids I clean one room as they mess up the other. This reminds me that I’m cleaning to keep us functioning smoothly, but not trying to run a museum. 


So far the house still isn’t amazing, but It is staying much cleaner than it has in a while. I feel like once this list becomes a habit things are going to be looking great!


Download Free Printable Here


How do you stay organized in your cleaning process? I’d love to hear!!





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