Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips! It’s officially Spring time in our house! This week is Spring Break for me and I’m loving every minute with my munchkin! One perk of Spring Break is a whole week to do Spring Cleaning! Check out these Spring Cleaning Tips!



Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring Cleaning Tips

I don’t like to clean. Honestly, I’d rather go out and about and do anything but. However, when I come home to a mess, I feel like a mess. The idea of Spring cleaning used to just drive me crazy.

I hated to think there was basically an excuse to clean. Like that’s a thing?! The older I get the more I see the value in having a clean and organized home. Here are a few tips that have worked for us when we do Spring Cleaning!

Make a Schedule: of what you’re going to clean in order. Don’t try to do it all in one day! I hate to clean so I try to cram it all in one day but then I get distracted and only finish half of my list. So make a realistic schedule you can stick to.



De-junk your Life: Nothing is worse than coming home at the end of the day and having stacks of papers and junk that you need to go through. It stresses me out. Go through your things and if you haven’t looked at them or thought about them in 1 year then you can get rid of them.

Don’t keep things in the hopes that someday you might use them. That day may never come, I try to tell my husband that, but he acts like he was born in the Great Depression and needs to keep everything in case we need it someday. What I do is I get rid of stuff I know he won’t miss when he’s not looking and wait and see if he says anything, and I’m still waiting.

Clothes: This is a hard one for me. I love my clothes. I like to think that someday, I’ll fit in them again or that they will come back in style. Also, I have so many t-shirts, like you honestly would not believe. I keep them thinking,

I’ll wear this to work around the house or to go camping. Yup doesn’t happen, so if you’re like me you have tons of clothes you haven’t worn in forever. If you have not worn them in 2 years then you probably won’t start this year. Get rid of them. 





Plan where to take your Stuff: The other day Matt and I were driving by the park in Provo and for about a week they had a bunch of dumpsters out there for Spring Cleaning. Then I noticed on Facebook that Springville is doing the same thing.


Check your city to see if they have something like that so that you can get rid of your trash. We always say we’re going to take things to the dump but then when we are ready the dump is closed. Also, you could take your things to the DI or Tabitha’s way, where others could use what you don’t need anymore.

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