Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement! Matt and I have an announcement to make! WE’RE PREGNANT! We just told our families the other day and this is what we did to announce it to them!


Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

We took a picture with everything that I am craving and Matt with all the healthy stuff because he’s always the one who insists I eat healthy. Truth be told, anything sugary makes me sick, anything creamy makes me sick and so everything I usually love it out of the question!

Then we took the credits from one of our favorite movies and cropped it into the picture. Then we put all of our personal details on there! There you have it! Lisa was so excited I thought she was going to pass out! She wanted to tell everyone, she face-timed all of my siblings and told them all! 

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcement”

  1. How cute and congratulations. Our baby Lilly turns 1 in 2 days! Time really does fly just remember to take it easy and cherish pregnancy while its there! Get LOTS of sleep lol!

  2. Oh my goodness I love this! So fun and creative. I am always trying to think of a fun announcement idea for when this day comes and may have to steal this one 🙂

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