Service Coupons – Free Printable

These service coupons made a fantastic activity for my group of 8-9 Activity Days girls the other day, but they would easily work in a classroom, at home, or other setting. I made them like coloring pages so that the girls would be able to customize them as well as get crafty with construction paper. They had a lot of fun coloring them and spent a lot more time on them then I expected. 




Free Service Coupon Printable



Colorful Construction paper

Colored pencils, crayons, markers

Envelopes (or bag to hold completed service coupons)







  1. Ask your group to explain what service is.  Ask them to tell you about examples they have from others giving service to them, or times when they’ve given service and describe how they felt.
  2. Have them brainstorm as a group a few ideas for their service coupons.
  3. Show them a completed service coupon as an example.
  4. Let them get creative!







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19 thoughts on “Service Coupons – Free Printable”

  1. This is such a cute idea for a child to make for their loved ones this holiday season. As a child I did something like this for my mom for mother’s day one year, however, my “coupons” were a lot less official looking!

  2. These are a great way to encourage kids to do chores. It’s also fun that you made them color and design the coupons themselves.

  3. What a super cute activity. I know a few teachers that I will pass this along too. I’m sure they would be able to incorporate this into a lesson somehow. Thanks for posting.

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