Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower

Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower 

Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower! I don’t know if I was more excited than my brother is getting married or more excited to try to do a Kate Spade inspired bridal shower!

There are so many cute ideas for Kate Spade that inspired everything I wanted to try it all. I am not super talented when it comes to decorating though, but I do think I created some cute printables if you’d like to add them to your party! 


Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower




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This was the game we played. As people arrived we handed them one of these and the advice and date ideas. I had already gotten the groom’s answers to these questions and so when we had the bride share her answers, she got a chocolate kiss if her answers matched his. If everyone else’s answers matched the bride, then they got a point because the woman is always right! 😉 Whoever had the most points, in the end, got a prize.







I used a striped bag from Sephora and put this tag on it to collect the advice and date ideas. It worked great because then I just added it to the brides pile of presents when we carried them out to the car. 








We put this sign on the bride’s chair with a ribbon and balloons so that she could feel like the center of attention! 


Good luck with your party!!


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28 thoughts on “Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower”

  1. Free printables are my favorite thing to PIN! I’m adding these to my wedding board asap! I love the hot pink font you chose on that black stripe background! Very Kate-Spade-esque!

  2. Hi. I can’t download the files. The link does not work.

    I love your idea. Can you please put a new link or something. It will be a great help for me.

    Thank you!

  3. I love the game, but the word “rebellious” is spelled incorrectly. I hate to be picky, but that kind of thing drives me crazy! I would just correct it if I could! Would you be able to change it so I can print off? Thanks! This is exactly what I’m looking for!

  4. These are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! When I download them the “date night” ideas page doesn’t come up for me. Can you advise?

  5. It’s amazing to think that back then, all of us just starting out, and that we had NO IDEA the adventures ahead of us. Couldn’t even have imagined, right? I adore watching the success you’ve had and the path that you’ve made… while staying true to your heart. Which is why I know this project will be a success – it’s not a gimmick, a show, a marketing idea. This is so you, sharing your passion in a way to truly change the lives of others. You, are so great. ????

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