Bridal Shower Games Free Printables

Bridal Shower Games Free Printables

Planning a Bridal Shower? Here are some bridal shower games free printables 



My sister is getting married so we wanted some fun bridal shower games for her shower. She also loves the color blue so I wanted to make sure they were blue bridal shower games. If you’re looking for my Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower Games you can find them by clicking on the link. 

The first bridal shower game is a candy match game where you match the candy to the phrase. It’s a lot of fun because some seem like they could go to multiple answers, but once you have all the answers it becomes clear why everything works together! (answers are included in the download!)



The next bridal shower game is for guests to see how well they know the bride and groom. They go through and circle who they think did what. Then the bride shares what she thinks the answer is, and you can either have a video recording of the groom sharing his answers, or just written down, and compare the answers. If the guests’ answers match the bride they get it right. If they bride’s answers don’t match the groom, then she has to do something crazy like eat hot sauce or something gross. (answers are included in the download!)



This bridal shower game is all about the wedding customs and why we do them. You match up the custom with the superstition that started it. It’s pretty crazy to see what all of the answers are! (answers are included in the download!)


Download Bridal Shower Games – Free Printables here


Let me know how it goes for you!

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